Episode 4

continued from last scene

“oh dear” the woman said turning to me ” please just sit here as long as you need” she sat me down on a low counter she then lead Daniella out of the store

“you called her sparky” she asked Daniella in a low voice thinking that I couldn’t hear her
” spark” Daniella corrected ” that’s what everyone called her in the high school”. “you know that’s not a very nice name” the woman said to Daniella

” I know there were very nice people in the school” Daniella answered. The cruelty of life in high school was such a contrast to the caring i was seeing now. I didn’t deserve such kindness from a woman has originally pulled me into the store only to make a quick sales. Everything looks confusing I thought, hugging myself rock and back

Maybe I should just follow my dad and ask him why he had left me alone “what” I heard the woman, looking up into the woman’s shocked face not realizing i said that out

” no child” she sat down beside me holding a cup of water ” everything will be okay even if it’s not now” what she said somehow make sense to me “did you know me too well” i asked looking straight into her eyes. She laughed and put my head on her laps, i thought to myself is this it’s like to have a mother(oh I forget to tell you about my mother)

Well my dad told me

I have a mother but I don’t really remember her. I have the memory of what happened between my mom and dad, a woman who settled down with beer and cigarette before she eventually leave us, I was 3 years old when she left my dad, although she use to visit us once in a while and her visit always turn hostile, speaking mean words to my dad, later she stopped coming
“the universe will take care of you” said the woman, it’s sounds strange “universe” I muttered ” yes the universe” I looked at the woman with a question look she smiled back at me ” close your eyes” she commanded what’s she up to i asked myself but i gladly obeyed

to be continued…..

*** what happened next?

what did the woman do to Juliet?
watch out in the next episode

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