Episode 24

continued from the last scene

I moved closer to the man, it’s obvious he was one of them, but how he got to help me out was one thing I don’t understand. I held my gun tightly and took few steps towards him

” who the hell are you? and why are you helping me out? I asked with a strong tone. He gazed his eyes up and scuffed

” Juliet Jackson I know you more than you know yourself” he said with pain in his tone. “you should be worried about your living this place, not about who I am or why I helped you” he said while dipping his hands into his pocket and trying to bring something out. I set my hands on the trigger ready to blow his head off if he tried anything stupid, but instead he brought out a single key

” take Juliet, you see that door over there, pointing to the door behind me “this is the key to it, now take and get out of this place right now” he said trying to raise his voice.

As a trained army am supposed to drag him with me until he tells me who he is, but instead I took a step forward and collect the key. I still feel like knowing the man but time is running out, so I made for the door. I opened the door and about to get out i heard him say

“we’ll meet again Juliet” i just ignored him without saying thank you and went out.

I came out to a field, there was nobody, not even a bird, everywhere was so calm ,all I could see was a tiered road, so I made for it. I was walking soo fast. I needed help all i could think of is to get back to Kuwait, after all my mission has been completed. I was walking fast and furious when I sighted a black geep coming towards me.

“holy s–t, not again” i said to myself and began to run. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, the more I ran the closer the geep became. Then I noticed I couldn’t run much so I stopped for whatever or whoever is coming from the geep, but I was surprised when I heard a strange but familiar voice called me.

I turned back slowly and i was surprised to see him
“steel dragon” i whispered
“come in” he requested
“I can’t believe it’s you”
” will you come in before you get bursted here” he said. I quickly open the door and hooped in.

I kept quite in the car looking at him with a questioning look, he noticed this and place his hand on my laps.

Steel dragon took me to a place more or less a ware house, i wonder why he didn’t want hotel or something, maybe he’s gone weird like me i thought.

We entered the house and I sat down on a sofa while Steel dragon brought out a gin and poured some in the cup and stretch it to me. I shook my head in rejection. it’s obvious I don’t trust him, he noticed this and drop the cup on the stool next to me.

“you see Juliet i know you have a lot of questions to ask, but you need to rest first”.
“I don’t need to rest ok, am fine, tell me how you know am in that place? i ask with a ash tone
“calm down Juliet, when you were dragged away infront of me the other day, i made some investigation into your private life” he paused to see if I will get upset, but I just scuffed well I gave up my past life immediately i joined Army.
“ok am sorry about that” he finally said when he saw that I wasn’t angry

“you see Juliet, I found out that your dad didn’t commit suicide, he was killed.
“yeah I know that” i said, carrying the cup of gin he dropped earlier and gulp a little down.
“I also found out that your dad made a chip which he used to secretly extract all the bad deeds of a group called Chahell group” on hearing that I drop the cup on my hand and looked at him with a serious look

“do you know someone told me that when I was locked up there” I said
“yeah his name is Babs, he is your dad’s partner, they made the chip together, but your dad had to hid him from Chahell group, so they don’t know he works with your dad” “dahm, so that man that helped me out there was my dad’s partner” I said standing up from the chair and leaning on the computer table.

” I traised him, and got to know he still works with the Chahell group. i moved closer to him for couple of years you went missing, and he confiled in me, i gained his trust and we have been working together secretly”

I paced around the room, what am hearing was just too much for me. He moved closer to me and place his hands on my shoulder

“Juliet I love you, i still do, that’s why I did all these for you. I looked into his eyes and moved away from him. He let out a heavy sign and continued

” Babs am sure is dead by now, has been tracking you, ever since you left till today. You are a strong lady Juliet and am proud of you.

I ignored his complement and ask him a shocking questions

“The chip, is it still with Babs” I asked while he let out a soft smile

“am afraid not” he replied
“so where is it? i asked
“hmmm Babs drop it with your step mother”
“what did I hear you right, my step what”
“your step mother, am afraid your father kept that away from you too” he said
“holy crap” was all I could muttered.

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