Episode 20

continued from last scene

“I need to get out of this place i said while putting on clothes and packing up my tools and riffles. I couldn’t believe i have been spotted so soon by the Chahell group, well I need to get out as fast as I could.

I was rushing down the stairs when I spotted two men coming up in a hurry, I don’t have need to be told that the guys are from Chahell group. I rushed back instantly

“that’s the bi.tch” one of the guys shouted While sending some shots at me. I rushed into the lobby and dodge behind a wall close to the hallway. I quickly brought out my revolver, ready to send those men to where they belong. I stood there patiently, hearing them shout “she went that way”. I gave a deep breath and came out facing them, i send a bullet to them, but to my greatest surprise, my revolver just push them to the wall with force.

The guys got up and dust their body “is that all you got?” dahm it’s obvious my revolver is useless I just had to man up with these guys. I didn’t hesitate to drop my revolver and dash towards them. I rushed to the first guy who sent me back with a heavy blow, i m0aned, my eyes are beginning to see stars. he came to me and hit me severally while lying on the floor, the second guy gave out a deadly laugh
” Juliet Jackson” he called my name. Am not really surprised he knew my name because I know the Chahell group are behind my father’s death.

“you think joining the army will make you get us?, hell no you can’t defeat us, we are the world, we rule the world” all these he was saying while the range for avenging my father’s death rose up in me.

” y’all son of a bi.tch, and I swear am gonna get you all, i won’t stop until I bring you down”

He came towards me, I can see it in his eyes that my words get to him. He pulled me up strangling me to the wall. “what did you say?” I answered the question by sending a kick to his pri.ck, he dropped me instantly, rolling in pain. The second guy noticed this and rushed towards me with a blow, I dodged it and gave him a heavy blow. He staggered back and brought out his gun i didn’t allow him to use it, I rushed at him and gave him a blow which send him down the hallway. I quickly turn back, not knowing that the other guy has gained himself back. He gave me a heavy hit on the head and I passed out.

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