Episode 6

continued from last scene *

This was the opportunity, I could possibly stand here and let this fake police end my life. I quickly threw the glass cup am holding into his face and kicked the door shut. His hand holding the gun was still inside keeping the door from closing all the way. He screamed in pain, bashing against the door from the outside, opening a large gap. I kicked with both legs against smashing his hand in the door, he let go with the loudest

“What the f–k”

Someone else told him to keep down, he wasn’t alone and I was dead for sure.
He slammed into the door one more time and I was able to pull off his hands free. I fell on the floor as the door slammed closed and scrambled for his gun, i was still fumbling with the gun, the door exploded inward, propelled by the kick
I pointed the gun in the direction of the opening and yanked on the trigger. There was a loud pop, the gun jumped and he screamed
“That f—–g b—h just shot me” suddenly bullets fired from outside came through the wall. I Scutted across the floor as the gun shots exploded out the chair next to me. Oh God save my soul i cried silently ” is this how I am going to end my life?”

I manage to craw to the cellar door and hid under the shelf next to the washing machine. I heard two people race into the house wandering around the sitting room

” You find the computer?, I am going to kill that b—h” I heard one going into my father’s room
” I can’t find it, I can’t find the computer” the other guy was yelling.

” it’s got to be there somewhere, the police don’t have it”. They were looking for my father’s work computer, the one he did his work on. Looking up at the beam i could see the self that he had built with the computer still on it.
” Quiet” the other guy said ” the police, i hear the police coming we need to get out of here”

“we need the computer” the shooter yelled back

“we’ll get it later come on”
“Hey girl, I hope you are dead or bleeding to death”

I just sniffed silently and swallowed hard on hearing that, praying for the police to come on time

Heavy foot steps ran to the door barging out. A minute later i heard the sound of there car zoomed off, finally i did a sign of relief.

The siren stopped out from outside, I didn’t start to unfold myself until i heard two people entered

” My God, this is a war zone” said one of the officers

to be continued

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