Episode 12

continued from the previous scene*

I walked out from the DI office and bumped into steel dragon who looked at me in a seductive way, but I looked away because so many thoughts is on my mind, not knowing what next to do.

” hey spark you just hit me and look away without a sorry” he said while i ignore him and continue walking away. He ran to catch up with me and held me by the shoulder and turn me towards him

“what! spark, you are crying? what happened?” he asked, I looked at him with tear rolling down my eyes

“you know what let’s get out of this place.

“I want to be alone” I replied

“you can’t be like this” he pushed further
I couldn’t help myself i burst out into tears
“let’s go”. He held me by my hand and drag me slowly to the back of the basement, while I followed him childishly.

“What happened” he asked again
” am suspended” i bursted out
“what why? for what?, d–n that guy, why would he do that? all this he was asking while I just look at him in tears. He got back himself and move towards me

” it’s okay, it’s gonna be fine, he said
“I had to do what I did, why did he have to suspend me?” I said trying to clean my eyes
“it’s gonna be okay, he’s gonna reconsider trust me” he said, giving me a word of encouragement. He moved closer while my body shivered, he gave me a hug, I can feel my heart beat faster and faster, I need someone to be with now but not S.ex

He looked into my eyes and place a soft kiss while i responded. We kissed passionately, he was on fire no doubt. I withdraw myself after about minutes of sweet kiss, I wanted it more at least to forget my sorrow.

I have not done this before” I whispered into his ear , he replied with a smile “it’s gonna be cool, trust me.

He placed his soft lips on mine and kissed me deeply which I responded passionately, he reached out for myb@obsand press it hard while I let out a soft m0an. Within few minutes our uniforms are flung away.

“Have you done this before” I asked breathing heavily

” Couple of times” he replied while I just relax and close my eyes

He placed me on the table and reached for my puss.y. He finger bleeped me which i responded with a big m0an. I can feel his c–k at my entrance.

Before I knew it he slide his c–k in and I can feel the sweetest s£nsat!on although a little bit painful because of my first time but I was enjoying it, at least I don’t have anything to worry about. We were having a sweet S.ex, when we heard a voice

” What in God’s name is going on here?” the voice said while we quickly disengaged,
Jesus Christ it’s the DI, what a crap. Steel dragon quickly jumped up and reach for his trousers while quickly graped one of the uniforms and cover myself

“Two of you get your a-s to my office” he said while walking away.

“sh.it steel dragon slammed while I just stood still. I know I have gotten into another mess no doubt.

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