She had to ran out from the shrine, immediately she came out she saw the priest standing in front of her,she was shocked cause she saw his lifeless body a minute ago on the ground ,but how come is he standing in front of her,she tried to tell him about the encounter she had but he laughed so loud at her,and his voice was like a thousand trumpets blowing in the air then he vanished into thin air, immediately she saw this she ran as fast as her legs could carry her without looking back, screaming her lungs out,she waited for bus to come,but the bus didn’t pass at that moment she had to start running without waiting for any bus or cab.

Meanwhile,the nurse had taken asantewa to her church,which was a Pentecostal church,her pastor prayed for asantewa and saw a vision of how she drank an initiated water her aunty brought to the house,and how she became a vessel for the demon, which is a python snake to dwell in,in using her to fulfill the desire of her impatient aunty.
The pastor nodded his head,and told the nurse which was called sister faith,the whole Vision he saw,the nurse was marvelled and told the pastor what she witnessed in the school library of where she worked,and told him of the money she lock in the school girls restroom,the pastor assured her that the Lord will save asantewa.
Two other people were in the church,a man and a lady making two ladies plus the man and the pastor making four people with the girl,the people surrounded asantewa who was told to kneel in front of the altar,she knelt with tears in her eyes cause of what the pastor had told the nurse about her,she was so sad of what her aunty did to get money,and she went to fall a victim of what her aunty did.
The pastor gave asantewa some anointing oil to drink,he anointed her forehead and her back neck, together with her feet and her palms, immediately asantewa started feeling pains,and it’s became unbearable after she swallowed the oil,she started to cry,when the pastor saw this he and the others together with the nurse started a very hot solid prayer with prayer points,with some Bible verses of the scriptures in the Bible, targeting every points in the Bible,this really affected asantewa.

She felt heavy,and couldn’t cry anymore,her eyes went black like a black coal use in making fire,her stomach grumbled so loud that the pastor and the others heard it,but they never cease to pray,even added with clapping their hands as they prayed, asantewa’s eyes starting popping out from her eyes socket just like the way she always feel when she want to vomit money,she couldn’t take it anymore,she do not know herself anymore.
The prayer continued,but instead of asantewa to vomit money or the snake to crawl out from her mouth,she rather vomited liquid substances,with came out with blood and immediately the whitish substance came in contact with the ground,it’s turned to big native pot,then asantewa fell onto the ground so weak,the pastor gave her another oil to drink immediately she felt strengthened,and she was delivered from the spirit of the demon snake.
But as at that,the others still prayed for her,while the pastor sprinkled some anointing oil on the pot,then he opened the big pot,and behold a very big monster python snake was inside the pot dead,with blood in the pot,that was the end of the snake,and asantewa got delivered.

Her aunty was knocked by a moving cab,as she continued to run down the road,cause she was planning to escape,but from no where came a cab which hit her and dissappeared, passerbys rushed her to a near by clinic,and her family was called to check on her,while in the hospital she confessed all what she did,and begged asantewa to forgive, immediately she gave up the ghost,she was buried a month later,by all the family members.
Her friend,fosua ran mad,cause she as well practice fetish ,and goes to the priest for sacrifices.
Asantewa,was taken care of by the nurse,who she later called her mother in the Lord,and the pastor became her father in the Lord,she was sent to hold school by the church,and was well taken care of.

From then nothing bad happened to her,she became a choir mistress in the church,and did the things of the lord in the church,she always advise younger children not eat food that is not given to them,or collect food from strangers which were not their parents,but her own story was different entirely,but she gave God the glory.

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