They ate silently,after which asantewa started packing the used plate they ate,but tayua stopped her from packing them,that she will do the packing,this made asantewa surprised but she didn’t argue,she just let her do the packing,and aunty tayua still washed the dishes and said to her that she doesn’t want her to feel stressed,that it’s normal for her to wash them,she petted the girl which made her take away her thought from there.

Later by noon time, aunty tayua took asantewa to a big shopping complex,after which she took a huge sum of money in her big hand bag,she bought new beautiful wears for her,both shoes and bags the latest one for her age,she took her to a hair dressing shop and made her a new hair do,bought her different kinds of things both sweets ,candies and chocolates with ice cream, asantewa ate to her fill,she made the little girl feel as if there was nothing wrong with her.
Two days time, tayua filled her shop with goods,and enrolled asantewa in a school,and still told her to do as she said, given her a bag to put in her school bag.

She decided to go visit her friend,to discuss the on going to her,the two discuss,and she gave fosua two bundles of money, fosua was very happy but her mind was not clean,she started developing hatred for her friend tayua,that she want to be bigger than her in having money,but she did not show her friend what she had in mind.
Two days later,it’s was a Thursday morning,while in school , asantewa felt strange and the unexpected happened in the school library with asantewa,but this time the snake didn’t came out,it’s was a whole new way,but what could it’s be.
T B C 😘 😘

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