He appeared as a boy of ten,in a blink he appeared as an old man of nineties, before he sat he looks like a man in his mid forties,how he changed still wondered tayua .

He looked tayua sternly without saying a word,his gaze alone sent shivers down her spine ,she tried to look away but a force kept her in place,fosua just watch the scenario cause she knows what the priest could do,when his eyes left that of tayua ,she started telling him of her problems,but he stopped her saying he already knew all of her problems,she should say no more,she became surprised,she and fosua exchange glances then fosua nodded, smiling.

The priest made some incantation, sprinkle some whitish substance in the air which circulated all over the fetish room,he went into the room and came back with a small pot ,inside it is filled with some strange but powerful water,he gave it’s to her and gave her an instruction which she needs to follow accordingly without making a mistake.

“Take this pot and hid it under your bed,but before doing that,make sure you fetch some into a cup for drinking, after which you hid the pot underneath your bed,you are to drink this water every first day of every month,to renew it’s strength in you,but you will become so rich that you won’t know what to use your money to do”,he said without any smile on his face
“Baba,is that all I should do”,she asked curiously
“Yes my daughter, that’s all you have to do”,she was so happy and dropped some money into a near by calabash pot,but he insisted she take he money back till she see her results before she comes back to reward him,she happily wrapped the small pot inside her bag,her bag contained it’s cause it’s was big enough to fit it in.
Her friend thanked the priest as she and tayua began their journey back home.

The two women reached home exactly two hours later,and departed to their different houses after which tayua thanked fosua,then they said their good byes before departing to their various houses.
Tayua on reaching home did as she was told, meanwhile there was no water at the bore hole for asantewa to fetch that morning,she has looked for water to fetch since from the day but she found out that there was no power supply to pump the water at the bore hole,everybody including her went home without a single cup of water,she has been tasty all day without drinking any water.

she was in her room when she heard her aunty came home from where she went to,she greeted her and went back inside her room to finish arranging her clothes, meanwhile, tayua has fetch some of the water the priest gave her into a cup and placed it on the dinning table,and went in to hid the pot under her bed,but before she came out the water she put in the cup was gone,she nearly faint,when she found out the water in the cup was empty and gone with no single drop remaining,this made her furious and mad as she charge to asantewa’s room,to give her the beatings of her life.
But what she saw with her eyes,kept her fixed to the spot she stood staring eye ball to eye ball at what was before her?
T B C 😘 😘
Care to know what happened?
Stay tuned 🙏

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