She watched her friend change into another clothes, before they sets of to the next village to visit the herbalist man,priest kwodjo.
Tayua was having double thought on going to visit the priest,but the thought of her problems alone hooked her down not to contemplate with her friend,they reached a point in the next village,and fosua told the driver to drive into a bushy part area at the side of the road,the man told her he can’t go further,that they should come down,they argued until she had no other option than to come down because the driver insisted on not entering that part,this alone put more fear and doubled tayua chances of going back home, but her friend tried to persuade her and won again.

The two trekked for a whole full thirty minutes under the hot scotching sun,deep into the bushy part before they came to a clearing area,full with human and different kinds of animal skulls and bones, tayua was so scared cause the place looked scary,she had to ask her friend cause she has seen enough.
“Fosua what are we really doing here, don’t this place looks scary to you huh?”,she asked still scanning the area as they still went further into the area
“Of course “,”indeed we are here for your problems,and the priest will solve all your problems within a twinkle of an eye,the skulls is nothing am used to it, don’t worry you will soon get used to it”,she said and pulled her Friend into a tight hug , comforting her,as they continued their journey
“Thank you so much my dear friend,but we have been trekking for more than an hour now, have we not reach his place yet,it’s so far”,she said frowning a bit exhausted from the trekking

“Don’t worry we are already there,if we should reach that bend you will see him there,next time when coming we won’t suffer this way,I will hire a car for us,and it’s will just drive us here,than going through all this stress we went today,so sorry for putting you through this and on the first day”,she said sincerely as they approach the bend area at the end of the long path
“Ok dear,I believe you”,she replied as they headed into an old big hut,decorated with palm fronds and painted with white chalk all over the hut, fosua use her back to enter into the hut,as tayua followed suit,and did exactly as fosua did, turning her back and entering the hut through her back,as they settled on the bare floor with an already spreaded mat on the floor,they sat silently as they waited for the priest to approach,cause he was out of view,some minutes later he appeared .
T B C 😘😘

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