The nurse stood up stunned at what she saw,the fear she had was nothing to write of,she began to feel cold and goose bumps where all over her body,her head felt heavy,but she started to plead the blood of Jesus which made her feel relieved.

She told asantewa who was crying bitterly to come out from the washroom,the girl obeyed and walked silently with her face down out from the washroom to the library,the nurse quickly closed the washroom door locking it,and went to meet asantewa who sat down without saying a word,the nurse then asked her what was happening.

“Asantewa,what is happening cause I can’t seem to understand what is going on,some minutes ago you were sane,all of a sudden you started behaving abnormally,then you entered the washroom and this huge some of money is piling up there,tell me what is going on,I can be of help to you,cause I feel you are been possessed”,she said seriously and authoratively to the girl
“Ma’am”,”she said crying and stammering”,i can’t understand what is happening to me,it’s happ—-,(sniffing)it’s happened thre—-(crying)
“Please my dear come down ok,tell me so I can help you,clean your tears away,there is nothing impossible for God to handle ok,every impossibility will always become possible in the presence of the lord,so clean your tears,and tell me what is bodereing you,and what has been your problem”,she said comfortingly and assuring the girl that everything is ok
“Ok,thank you ma’am”,(she sniffled a bit as she continues)”,it’s started about a month now,one day my aunty who am leaving with went out,and there was no water everywhere in the area,no water to cook or drink, everyone in the house were all complaining of the water that was scares,I had to wait for my aunty to return so I could tell her of the water scarcity ,but when she returned I noticed a cup of water on the dining table,when I wanted to enter her room,since I had been tasty through out that day,I had to help myself with a sip from it,but this water I knew my aunty kept it there,so I didn’t mind at all but to take a sip,but the water became so sweet that I finished the whole of it without knowing it’s was finished,I had to go to my room cause I know if my aunty saw the empty cup,she will deal with me,but before I entered my room my world changed to a different thing”.
The nurse listened with rapt attention,as asantewa continues her story.

“My eyes began to see differently,and my head looks as if I carried the whole world on me,I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my stomach,and it’s started to turn left and right as if it’s will pull out from me,it’s began to grumble like as if I had not eaten in days,but it’s became worst like the sounds of the seas,I couldn’t control it’s anymore,I began to crawl inside my room ,but I noticed I began to grow so big and i couldn’t walk nor call out for help,all I knew was that,my hands went on it own on my waist and my legs parted so wide ,I was took weak to know what happened next,when I woke up my aunty hid a very huge sum of money under her bed,then what I asked her what happened to me she said,am in my puberty stage,I shouldn’t bother cause people who vomit money are rare,and it’s comes with different symptoms,since from that days she started spending lavishly on me, buying alot of fancy and beautiful things for me,she doesn’t even wait for me to request for anything,she will quickly but them for me,but me right now am tired of this so called puberty stage,it’s really hurting,she gave me a bag to put all the money inside it,incase I experience it’s again”,she said as tears formed again in her eyes while she showed the nurse to big bags in her school bag,the nurse just sat with her mouth wide opened without noticing it, looking at the innocent little girl telling this kinds of huge story and experience to her.

Then all of a sudden she felt the power of the holy spirit in her,she quickly told the girl not to worry that she will take her to church the next day,so her pastor could pray for her so she will be ok again and normal as before, asantewa nodded,and the nurse told her not to tell anyone about it not even her friends,so they won’t laugh at her,she should not tell her aunty as well,the girl nodded and went home,cause the school has closed by then,she left without packing any of the money,the nurse locked the washroom door and kept the key safely, waiting for the next day.
The next day came,and something usual happened.
T B C 😘 😘😘 😘


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