There she met asantewa in her room,as she opened the door to her room,the sight she met glued her to where she stood about entering into the poor girl’s room.
But before that,after when Asantewa finished arranging her clothes in her room,she came out to meet with her aunty to tell her how water has been scarce that day,but before she attempted to open her aunt’s door,she came in contact with the water in the cup on the dinning table,she was so happy that she went to take the cup from the dinning with the strange water in it,she did not consider to know how the water was in the cup ,or how it came about or ask if her aunty herself put it in the cup for her use.

She went ahead and drank whole of the water,she wanted to take a sip from it,but this water in the cup became so sweet that she had to finish the whole of it before she came to realize that her aunty will come for her if she knew she had drank the whole water in the cup,since she knew there was no any other water in the house,so she quickly went to her room before her aunty will meet her there, atleast she will prepare for her aunty wrath in her room before she will come pounce on her right at the dinning room.

But on getting to her room,she felt different,she started sweating unnecessarily ,her palm was sweaty and her toes began to itch her,her stomach began to grumble and the grumbling in her stomach became so loud that she couldn’t control,her whole body felt as if she carried the whole world on her,she couldn’t take it’s any more she fell to the floor,she couldn’t detect what was wrong with her,all she knew was that it’s happened after she drank the water she took from the dinning table,she wanted to call for help,but her voice was no where to be found.
Her eyes started popping out from it’s socket,her stomach grumbling became loud and it’s felt as if her whole intestines began to turn in her stomach,her legs parted on its own while she kneel on the floor in her room facing her door,her eyes never stopped from popping out as if they will drop out from it’s socket,her hands went on its own to her waist, holding her waist,while she felt her whole body expanding as if she was going to burst any minute, the grumbling and turning in her stomach was intense and she felt something coming out from her stomach she couldn’t detect what it’s was,her legs parted so wild and her hands never left her waist,all of a sudden she did not know what happened again.
From asantewa’s mouth came a very huge monsterous python which had horns on its head,it’s came out and stopped half way in her mouth,it’s remaining body was still in her stomach,while it’s opened it’s mouth and began to vomit money in clean wads note, bundles of money which it’s vomited from it’s mouth, in a second the room became full of clean bundles of Ghana cedis.

Tayua who had been watching the whole scenario stood akimbo with mouth opened as she watched the drama her little niece performed with a huge python snake which vomited money from it’s mouth,she began to wonder that so this was how it’s could have happened to her if she had drank the water,in a second as she watched,the snake closed it’s mouth and went back into asantewa’s stomach,as it’s passed through her mouth,the room was almost filled with money, immediately asantewa fell on the floor,and fell into a deep sleep without still knowing what happened to her.
Tayua,went into the room so scared and afraid of what might happen to her,she promised herself to go visit the priest the next morning ,if she has violated the rules of the strange pot of water.
She quickly took a big bag and packed all the money into it so fast afraid if someone might enter and see all of the money, the money filled the bag and still remains,she had to take another bag and put the remaining which filled the second bag,making two whole big bags of money.

she carried asantewa on her bed,and covered her with her bed spread,she never did that to her before,she needs to take good care of her so she will be happy with her,cause she will be making money from her,she is now the source of her wealth.
She hid the bags of money under her bed,while she layed on her bed still imaginning and thinking of all what she saw in her late brother’s daughter room.
A smile cross her face,as she waited for morning to come.
T B C 😘 😘

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