The pandemonium in the school was nothing to write of ,as all the students in the library began to shout and scream when Asantewa fell onto the floor breathing heavily while her eyes pop out and began to grow so big that everyone was afraid, asantewa wanted to call for help but everyone kept a distance from her,her hands were sweaty and her feet were heavy, making her unable to walk away from the school library.
Her class mates which she already made friends with, hurriedly went to call the school nurse to come treat her,but to their knowledge they thought it’s was fever which she suffered from,but unknown to them it’s was more than fever,she struggled to her feet but fell back,her voice was no where to be found,she couldn’t talk ,all she did was to crawl ,the nurse came rushing in to check what caused the shouting and screaming from the students,but what she saw made her speechless.

She had never seen someone who is suffering from any fever look like the way asantewa looked,her eyes were so huge and she became more bigger than her usual body size,the nurse had to send all the students to their classrooms so she could manage to know the source of asantewa’s illness, asantewa struggled into the girls washroom,and jammed the door which locked at her touch, before the nurse could turn to where she was, asantewa was no where to be found,she had to knock at the girls washroom telling asantewa to open up,that she could help her,but asantewa never heed to her call.

She crawled to the wall side,and kneeled there, her hands on her waist,her stomach grumbled so loudly and her eyes never stopped from getting bigger as the seconds tick,her head looked like she carried the whole school building on it,she groaned in pains and her stomach started to grow so big and the grumbling in her stomach became so loud like a band of drummers drumming in her stomach,she couldn’t control it anymore,she lost consciousness, but by now she looked so big and giant,and looked so ugly like a monster ,her stomach was so big like those big pot women use in cooking party rice.

From her mouth bundles of clean Ghana cedis came out in folds as she vomited it,as each seconds went by,she vomited so much money that could buy five acres of lands at a go,and still remains for the setting of those building, almost half of the girls washroom was filled with money, immediately she fell and went into deep sleep.
Thirty minutes later she woke only to find bundles of Ghana cedis around her,she became confused and began to cry ,the school nurse never left the library she still didn’t let any students into the library,she wanted to know how asantewa is doing,if she was ok in there or not,she was almost loosing her patience when she heard the girl cry in the washroom room,she had to go talk to her to come out let her treat her, asantewa opened up,but before then she told her not to tell anyone what she is about to see,the nurse promised and asantewa opened the door,the nurse fainted when she saw the huge amount of money on the floor in bundles.
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Find out what happened in the next hotter and spicy Chapter.
Let’s guess will asantewa remain in this suffering for ever,cause this is no pleasure it is suffering?
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