Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 29

Henry woke after 30minutes, his head ached

a little. He had forgotten what transpired


He went to the bathroom and washed his

face though the time was alread 9pm sleep

was not coming forth.

He keep trying to remember how he got

home but it was all blank. The last thing he

could remember was that he entered a car.

He went to his parlour to watch an ongoing

news. Just when he was about to sit down

in the chair, he realised that his doors were


In a flash he ran to pick his gun, he thought

somebody had intruded but it was false. He

saw all his stuffs still positioned the way he

kept them but he couldn’t fine the list he

duplicated. After thorough search he found

2duplicated ones and the original copy. It

was then he began to remember what


‘Mr Friday is playing pranks on me, well lets

see how it goes’, Henry thought as he

locked his door firmly and vacated to his


He woke up at around 7am. He forgot to

check his phone the last night so the first

thing he touched was his phone. He saw

some couples of missed calls. He scrolled

through is contacts till he saw Mr Friday.

Then, he dialed the number.

Henry: hello good morning sir.

Mr Friday: morning my boy how are you


Henry: i am doing great sir but honestly how

could you tell your men to attack me and

why did they took the duplicated lists.

Mr Friday: my men didn’t touch you. I can

explain better to you when you come. And

for the lists that my men took. I instructed

them to take it because i am afraid that it

might go to another person.

Henry: dont you trust me sir, we made an

agreement and i believe you know its

against the agreement we made.

Mr Friday: my boy you dont need to worry.

Nothing have changed at all. Your

entitlements are still constant dont panick.

Henry: alright sir. But i dont like this

intruding it makes me feel exposed to

external attacks. So which time should i

come today?

Mr Friday: come by 9am because i have

some works for you and you need to start

working on them. My guys will pick you at

the roundabout.

‘k i will be ready before then sir.’ Henry

replied and cut the call.

He called ownet and informed him that he

was alright. He told him that he was busy

with the list duplications which he said will

be ready the next day.

Henry then put chorus number in blacklist.

Something had really changed about it.

Henry went out and buy some teas and

bread and in no time he began eating his



Henry weared his clothes and proceeded to

the roundabout which was just a 5minutes

walk. He sighted Mr Friday’s men and so he

walked up to their car. He greeted them and

they opened the car for him before the

driver started the engine and they hit the


Henry was suprised to see them taking an

entirely different routes from the one they

took the previous day. He couldn’t ask

questions because he was sure they were

Mr Friday’s men.

They drove to a narrow forest and they

parked the car.

Just when Henry came down from the car.

He saw another car parking too.

Its seemed they were all for Mr Friday. Two

men stayed behind and the rest of them

walked through the forest.

Henry sighted a bungalow from afar. The

house was demacated with security wires.

The guy at the front searched Henry before

he was allowed inside with the rest of Mr

Friday’s men

he was directed to a room by the guy at the


Henry entered inside only to see a well

furnished developed room with lots of


‘you are welcome Henry, this is my domain.’

Mr Friday said immediately Henry entered.

He was urged to sit down by a skinny

looking lady.

Henry concured and sat down in a chair. Mr

Friday walked to him and Sat down in the

opposite chair also.

‘sir tell me how i became unconscious since

you said your men didn’t touch me

yesterday,’ Henry riposted first.

‘ok i will just give you the details now…

Remember i gave you a drink when you

visited me yesterday. Well i added

something to it and its effect was just to

make you sleep’ Mr Friday replied

” so you lured me to taking a poisoned drink

yesterday right.?’ Henry asked.

‘i didn’t lure you i only gave you the drink

and you drank it. You didn’t reject it or

asked about the drink so its not my fault,’

Mr Friday said.

‘hmmmm, alright i dont want to drag this

issue far. So what do you say i have to do

for you now?’ Henry asked.

‘ i want to eliminate some of the members

in the B.O.D’s. I need them to get off so

that some new faces can be elected with

my influence so that i can carry out what i

planned effectively,’ Mr Friday riposted as

he brought a brown envelope.

‘its not a big deal for me so far i earn my

cash. So who is the first target,’ Henry

asked as Mr Friday signal him to open the

envelope instead.

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