Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 14

what were you doing there? Chorus asked in a confused tone.

Hmmm its a long story bro but let me explain to you:

our lectures that day was a very long one. You know we are in 3hundred levels and so we were told to be vigilant always.

I was hungry when i came home and since it was already late in the night i took my gun and hide it in case the need arise for use.

I went to buy milk and sugar that i will use to diminish my garri.

I had already bought it and was on my way home when i heard a gunshot from a far distance. I quickly ran to the place though making sure that i dont get noticed.

I was suprised to see 6men after one man.

I saw that the boy they were chasing was sky prince,I wanted to intervene not till sky prince hid himself but it seemed the men saw him, i also heard them mentioning a list and “MAKING OF AUTHORS” Too and am sure that sky prince heard it.

They were approaching were sky prince was hiding when i shot one of the to create a distraction. I was hiding so they could only deter where i was shooting from but they couldn’t get me.

I made sure i keep rushing them with bullet and they started shooting at my direction. It was their first bullet that got me on my chest but i didn’t make any sound in other to avoid them from knowing that there bullet got me.

They retreated when they couldn’t see the person they were shooting though i am sure that i already injured 3of them.

After i was sure that they were gone i went to search the place and then i found the list and a wrist watch.

Sky prince had already fainted when i got to his side so i help him took his gun to make him on a safer side i replaced his finger print with mine before the police came.

I showed them my id card and i explained everythin to them though i didn’t put the part where sky prince shot them.

The bullet began to took its effect on me aftersometime so i collapsed.,’ownet finalised smiling.

Hnmmm thanks to God bro but i have double thought on this case. Sky prince name is written as the first and my name was written as the last but how can the remaining names be cancelled with a blood. Did they know that you will find the paper or what?chorus asked in a shaky tone.

Well honestly i dont know but i think we might get a clue, with the look of this paper i am sure that 15names were written on it and didn’t you tell me earlier that you guys that qualified to this second level is 15in number?,’ownet asked trying to deduce something.

Yes bross that is true o we are 15 in number but are you saying there is a probability that its all the 15authors that qualified to this 2nd level that this unknown men are after? Chorus asked in a soft tone.

There every probability and possibility that they after you guys but i have this feeling that they were sent,’ ownet replied.

This is complicating,that shows that we all need to vigilant henceforth since we dont know who is after us,’ chorus suggested.

No!!! I want to work on this case and we will do it together. Dont tell anybody this because we cant trust anybody right now, if this information gets to the enemies hand they will be able to get us easily so lets pretend we dont know anything about it,’ownet said and chorus nodded.

Well bross thank God nothing happened to you but mum is in danger right now, she needs to undergoe the implantation of a new lungs right now and we need 100million to carry out the surgery, the doctor says we have the maximum of 4months to look for the money.’ chorus said.

This is not going to be good o, how will we get the money when we are just trying to survive. I know dad must be in pains right now,’ ownet said.

Yes o pain is an understatement. I dont know how we will be able to get the money now all we are doing is to pray that God sees us through this hard time and come to think of it, if i win this programme then i money will never be our problem anymore,’.

Yea thats it but there is low possibility that you will win this programme,’ ownet said and stood up from the bed to take something. Just then something fell down in the floor and chorus picked it.

That was the wrist watch i found, it belong to the people that attack sky prince,’ ownet told his brother who seemed to be familiar with this wrist watch.

Did you know the owner of the wrist watch or have you seen it before,’ ownet asked his brother whom was still scanning the wrist watch.

This wristwatch looks exactly the same with codeds own.,’ chorus responded.

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