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Chorus arrived at his house after few

minutes. His dad was very suprised

with his change of attitude.

Mr ramson was suprised to see

chorus smiling. Hmmm!! Maybe the

God have actually touched his heart”

Mr ramson thought and thanked God.

Chorus didn’t talk about the

programme anymore. He will wake

up early in the morning and do

house chores that he been evading


Mrs ramson was very happy at this

sudden change in attitude of chorus.

Early in the morning on Thursday,

chorus called his brother ownet and

told him that he had an important

issue to discuss with him. Call papa

today and tell him that you want me

to come and collect something from

you,” chorus pleaded with his

brother ownet whom reasoned with

him and decided to play along.

They were eating their lunch made

of rice and beans freshly garnished

with chicken meat. This type of lunch

never missed chorus. He always take

his time to devour this kind of meal.

Chorus!! Please pray for us today” Mr

ramson said.

Ah! Ooooh what is this man own

now, mama no fit put poison for this

food, why does this man want to kill

me with hunger” chorus thought

within himself and eventually begin

his prayer: Heavenly father, bless the

food we about to it and provide

more for us”chorus stopped to hear

the amen and to his amazement the

amen was not so loud. Chorus looked

at his dad and smiled, ehe no be only

me self, everybody wants to even

eat, well today is today for me and


Chorus who had really wanted to eat

his food suddenly began a long

prayer. He prayed for complete



finally ended his prayer without

looking at anybody because he was

sure that the way his father was

looking at him now, things would

get ugly if he doesn’t concentrate

only on his food.

Mr ramson knew that he couldn’t

complain since it was a prayer and

he was the one that asked chorus to

pray in the first place.

The food were served and

everybody began eating, they were

still half way in their meal when Mr

ramson cleared his throat.

Uhmmmm, what i want to tell you is

that your brother ownet have called

me and had asked me to tell you to

visit him tommorow which is Friday. I

hope you have already discussed it

with him? Mr ramson asked looking

straight at chorus.

Yes sir i have and i have agreed to

go. I will return on Monday,” chorus

said looking happy.

Ok then, you have my permission but

make sure you behave yourself

when you get there tommorow” Mr

ramson said and continued eating.

( nigerians and there table manners


Chorus couldn’t complete his meal

because of his happiness. He shared

the rest of his food to his younger

one’s and proceeded to his room.

Chorus called onihaxy and told him

that the plan have worked. Its still as

planned, i will wait for you guys at

my brother house next tommorow”

chorus said and greeted onihaxy

goodnight before cutting the call.


Chorus exclaimed with happiness.

He walked up to his room and locked

his door. He organised what he

called a one man’s party for himself.

He danced till his bones started

paining him.

Luckily for him it was already night

but at that instant, the time began to

tick fast.

Chorus couldn’t sleep well

throughout the night because he

was thinking of how the programme

will be like.

Chai!!! Na so i go take see ozila,

coolval, sky prince and the rest

writers so.

God you are wonderful” chorus

prayed and went to sleep at last.

He woke up late in the morning

around 7am because he slept late.

His dad didn’t bother disturbing him

because he was sure that chorus

needed the long sleep for the


Chorus went to brush his teeth and

took his early morning bath. He

approached the parlour only to see

different kinds of provision in the


Chorus was very suprised to as why

there is so much provision.

He went to greet his mum and dad.

His younger ones came to greet him


Mum, who are all this provision for?

Chorus asked.

Ah! Dont tell me that you intended

to visit your brother empty

handed”Mrs ramson said looking


Oh now i get it, they are all for bross

ownet because he is in school abi?

chorus said fuming jealous.

Yeye boy, oya come and eat your

breakfast so that you can start your

journey early.” his mum said and


quickly went to eat his breakfast of

indomie and fried egg.

His father came in some few minutes

with a taxi, they loaded the

provisions in the taxi and in few

seconds chorus was already on his

way to abuja.

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