Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 26

Elizabeth took chorus to her room. She was

told that her dad was with a visitor so she

Decided to wait for him before allowin

chorus to sit in the parlour.

Her room was a very big one. it was like a

self contain apartment it had its owns

parlour,kitchen,bathroom and toilet.

She excused her self as she tuned the

television to a movie channel

chorus brought out his phone. He saw

20missed call on it and it was all from Ruth


Its like the break is already over and his

attention was needed but Elizabeth had

disorganized his mode of reasoning.

“i am very sorry if my body guard

embarrassed you” Elizabeth apologised as

she came inside.

“its okay no problem. It happen most times

but the way he talked i sensed that he

might be interested in you”,chorus riposted

trying to put on a smile.

‘i know it. He had been disturbing me ever

since my dad assigned him as my personal

bodyguard. He had been crossing his limits

lately. Whenever he sees me with a guys he

tries to scare the guy away. But i am

impressed with you just now. You weren’t

afraid of him and thats what want. He cant

harm you so far he is still working under me’

Elizabeth poured out as she postined some

glass cups on the table and poured some

drinks on it.

‘thats really bad i think you should get

yourself a boyfriend that way he will know

he is not supposed to be dating you’,chorus


‘yea i will think about that.

Anyways i am

very glad that you came. I was feeling bored

and since you promised to visit i decided to

call you because i was free now’ Elizabeth


‘the pleasure is mine, frankly speaking. I

have wanted to always speak with you like

this. Since the first time i set my eyes on

you i knew i was in love with you. I know it

might look like i am rushing you but i wont

push hard. All i ask for now is that we

become closed friends’, chorus said looking

at Elizabeth straight in her eyes.

‘Alright we can be close friends but let me

make it clear to you that i am not ready for

any kind of relationship right now. I called

you so that i can gain some knowledges

from you. I love your stories and i want you

to teach me somethings. I have a story i am

working on so i want you to help me with it’

Elizabeth said .

‘no problem,am not busy you can bring

it’chorus said.

Chorus checked his phone and saw that the

missed calls had reached 45already so he

switched of his phone as he helped

Elizabeth on her own story

At first Henry was confused as to what he

should choose. The money and his safety

mattered to him most but it will cost him to

betray his friends.

He looked up at Mr Friday whom was

waiting patiently for him to make a choice.

He moved his hand to the position he put

his gun but to his suprise nothing was there


Mr Friday laughed when he noticed Henry’s


‘Mr Henry dont try to act wise with me, even

if i give you your gun do you think you can

defeat my men, we have given you a simple

choice. I dont know why you are hesitating.

But i can give you some times to think

about it. My men will accompany you in

case you try anything funny. My eyes are

decks on you Mr Henry.’ Mr Friday


Henry scanned through the room. He was

sure of what Mr Friday is planning.

‘I will join you!!’ Henry said making Mr Friday

look very suprised.

Mr Friday smiled and whispered something

to a guy. The guy came out with a bundle of

1000naira and he handed it to Henry.

‘Mr Henry as i have told you earlier, i dont

waste my time. Since you have reasoned

well and made the right choice. You will

start enjoying the benefits now. Dont worry

as far you keep the list safe we will never

harm you. I have an appointment to catch

now. I want you here by tommorow’ Mr

Friday said as he stood up and proceeded


Henry followed suite. He was at the 3rd

floor so he was supposed to climb the stairs

down to the 1st floor. 3men followed him


Chorus had spent enough time with

Elizabeth so he told her its time for him to


They were at the second floor . It seemed

Mr Friday sighted them First.

Mr Friday called Elizabeth and asked her to

come with chorus.

Immediately chorus turned to his direction

Henry came down.

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