Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 23

But who could it be? Chorus asked

himself as he went to the fridge and

took a 5alive drink from it.

Chorus picked his phone as he

scrolled through Elizabeth’s number

and decided against calling her.

Instead he log in to his account and

search the account with the number.

The username was still “FRIDAY

ELIZABETH” as he had thought. He

send her a friend request and

browsed through her account for a


At around 10pm chorus gave up on

waiting for his friend request to be

accepted so he switched off his

phone, prayed to God and went

straight to his bed to begin his

journey to the dream land.

Henry on his own part is still awake.

He had been working tirelessly on

retrieving the list.

He was so much bent on fighting this

case till the victims are victimized.

Henry had already done the

necessary procedure. He put the

original list still stained with blood

inside a machine.

He smiled as he waited patiently for

the duplicate of the list.

It came out slowly as Henry quickly

picked it up. He was very suprised

with the names on the list.

This is really fascinating. How can

this be true? Henry asked as he kept

looking at the list on his hand.

Henry made several copies of the list

and kept in different places.

Anything can happen so he was

always ready for the worst. He kept

the original list and kept it on an

envelope with the first duplicate he

made. He sealed them and put them

under his pillow. He took a gun and

kept it under his pillow too.

Something tells him that tonight will

not be good so he prepared for any


He kept the light’s on and lye down

on his bed. Immediately it was 1am

he was overpowered by the

threatening sleep.

He woke up by 6am and perform all

his chores.

He was about to go outside when he

found a paper at the front of his door.

He instantly became alerted as he

walked cautiously and picked the


Blood was used to inscribe some

words on it.

Though he couldn’t read what it was,

he was still able to deter that “FIX

THE FOX” was written boldly at the

top of the letter.

Though he was not afraid. He was not

completely feeling secured


Who could have penetrated through

my doors so easily?,” Henry asked

himself as his phone began ringing.

It was an unknown number. NO ID

was clearly written on his phone.

With confidence that nobody could

harm him. He picked the call.

Caller: Is this Mr Henry

Henry: yes it is. Who are you?

Caller: i am Mr x. I want to discuss

some issue with you.

Henry: uhmmm. What discussion is

that?Because i dont think i have

anything to discuss with a stranger.

Caller: dont be so stupid. Do you

think the angel brought the paper to

your room at the night.

Henry: wait!! Are you the one that

brought it.

Caller: hnmmm. Mr man. Your life is

at stake. Meet me at shinsu estate by

12pm today.

Henry: uhmmm. Alright. I will be


Caller: make sure you come alone. I

repeat dont bring a partner.

Henry: i am a not stupid. What

guarantees my safety. I will come

with somebody ..

Caller: well its your choice to make. If

you want to lose a friend then come

with him.

Henry: this is obvious that it might

be a trap.

Caller: a trap? Well if we had wanted

to harm you i dont think you will still

be breathing by now. So dont argue

with me.

Meet me at the venue. And make

sure you are punctual.

(The caller cuts the call.)

Henry wanted to ask one more question

before he realised that call had been

terminated already. He was confused right


What should i do ,” Henry asked

rhetorically as a call came in.

But this time the caller is ownet.

Should i tell him about it? Henry

thought to himself as he abruptly

pick the call.

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