Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 17

They woke up very early in the morning on

Sunday. ownet prepared tea and bread for

both of them. Chorus had not been able to

assimilate what he saw yesterday. The

question that is disturbing his mind right

now is β€œwhy coded”. Coded was a very cool

guy with high intellect. After onihaxy,coded

was his second most trusted friend.

After they finished eating they both had

their bath and sat down to discuss the topic

of the day.

Bross do you know that i am still suprised

about this coded issue. I mean, why does he

want to attack us, its not even an individual

level self. And even if it is. Does it connotes

him to be trying to kill the rest authors?

Chorus asked grinning his teeth with


Well chorus that is life for you, never trust

anybody. Though i think he has a reason and

its that reason we will be looking for. First

we have to get the original list where they

wrotnames of authors so that we can know

who they will attack next. Its crystal clear

now that coded is not working alone.there

might be other authors working with him

that we dont know. What we are going to do

know is to track him always,” ownet stopped

and stood up.

But bross how will we do it?,’ chorus asked


Uhmmm give me a minute,” ownet said and

walked inside his room. He came out with a

briefcase , he dropped it on the table and

sat down before opening the briefcase.

Chorus opened his mouth immediately he

saw what was in it. Many tracking

instruments were in the briefcase.

Wait o, are you not a student, how come you

have all this weapons?,’ chorus asked

looking straight at his brother whom was


Chorus you still have a long way to go. I am

a student to you but i am not.i had worked

with some secrets agents and i helped them

with some cases, they gave me all this

instruments in case i need it for use.,’ ownet


Which kinds of secret agents?,’ chorus


They are under the police, i cant mention

their name to you because as the name

goes. Its secret agents so dont worry about

it and lets talk about our plan,’ ownet replied

in other to evade more questions.

We have the instruments but how are we

going to use them,? Chorus asked.

Thats it little bro, we are going to have a lot

of work to do. I have called one of my friend

to join us in this case. He is a good master

planner so he will lead us through. Though

he said he is busy today but he will be here

by tommorow but we arent going to doing

nothing. You said he have a motorcycle

right?,’ ownet asked.

Yea he bought one recently, so what will we

do with it?.

Good, we will put a tracker on it. We might

get their location through it,’ ownet said and

raised his head.

Wow yes o, thats a very good one,i never

thought of it. But the problem is how are

we going to put the tracker it?”.

I will do it why you help me distract him, its

a very small tracker so dont worry, he wont

find out,”ownet replied and showed chorus

the tracker he will use.

Ok bross we have a nice plan now.


let me even call him,” chorus said and

dipped his hand his pocket to bring his

phone. He dialed coded number and they

discussed for a while. Well lets visit sky

prince today, we have something to talk

about,’ chorus said over the phone before

disconnecting the call.

He smiled and nodded facing his brother. I

asked him to meet me there by 11am.

Good we have 2hours to go, but i am going

there right now because i need to study the

place first,ownet said and and closed the

briefcase. Make sure you take a gun from

the shelves. We cant let our guard down

anymore, call me if anything happens,”

ownet said and walked out leaving chorus at


Chorus stood up dejectedly and went to

went outside to take something. He saw a

car following ownet at the back.

He quickly took called his brother and told


Yes i saw them. They are really trailing me.

I have a suggestion. Take that my other

power bike and follow us at the back,’

ownet replied before cutting the call.

In a swift mode,chorus ran inside to take

the gun and the key. He quickly entered the

bike and followed their direction.

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