Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 4

chorus and his crew proceeded with

his friend heading to the programme


The building was magnificent and

very large. It can be classified as a

mansion. It have an outlook of the

former psquare mansions. the place

was very neat and well composed.

Flowers were planted in the garden

which gave a striking beauty to the


The place was already filled with

various people.

So you mean,all this people are

authors right? Chorus asked mc


It seems so o, we have numerous

writers nowadays. But the

programme begins 1hours from now

so it looks like everybody came

earlier than expected.,’ chorus


Well its good sha, lets scan this place

and meet with other popular

authors,’ coded suggested. And they

all went inside together.

All eyes were deck on them because

of the outstanding dressing code.

They dressed in white suite. They

wore same cloth. Onihaxy had

suggested this and it was good

because the kind of glances they

were recieving from people had

already made them feel on top of

the world.

They were still parading the place

when onihaxy caught a glimpse of an

outrageous beauty. She wore jeans

and weared white top then weared a

jacket on top if it. Her hair was

shining very bright with its brownish

looks. To say she was very succulent

is an understatement compared to

how she was packaged.

Who else is seeing what i am

seeing? Onihaxy asked raising his

mouth in awe.

Uhmmm, what is that? Chorus asked

and onihaxy pointed at the figure

and they all raised their eyes too

look at her.

Ah this gal is dope, she looks familiar

self.’ chorus said and mc jokaz

laughed at them.

That is mercy Nnamdi now’, the one

that wrote uhmmm that story called


Hnmmm this is wonderful o. She

looks beautiful than her picture o.,’

coded said.

they all turned to look at onihaxy

who was keeping mute all this


What is wrong with this guy self. Its

obvious this guy is already in love o.,’

chorus teased and touched onihaxy

who was lost in his own thought.

Ehnnnnnn, what were we saying’,

onihaxy asked still looking at the gal

who was busy with her phone.

They all laughed at onihaxy.

In no time ovie desmond sighted the

5of them and walked up to them.

He shook all of them and was

suprised to see afolabi.

Oh my guy you are afolabi right?

Desmond asked to confirm what he

was thinking.

Yes o. Its me, afolabi answered and

they all smile.

Bross you no easy o,’ that your story

titled “IS IT A SIN” was very great o. I

love the story.’ desmond said.

Hmmm thanks bro your stories are as

great as well. I never missed your

story if not that most of your stories

always compose of sex scenes too

much but the recent ones are very

good, i follow your stories very

well.,’ afolabi said.

Na so bross, wetin man go do i have

stopped it o. Just that as the

“PUSSYLORD” i have to write some

stories to instigate the name.

They were gisting when Joseph

Daniel approached them too. Here

comes “THE GATE KEEPER” desmond

said in a funny way.

Hmmm today is good o., look at him.

As handsome as his story,” afolabi

said smiling.

Hnmmm funny guy” you self you are

too much o. I never knew that my

author was this handsome,’Daniel


He shook hand with mc and hailed

him also.

He shook coded and gave him a

brotherly hug. He went to chorus and

shook him also.

Chorus chorus the fictional writer,’ i

am glad to meet you guys finally. ‘,

daniell concluded, smiling.

Onihaxy was his friend so he didn’t

need to hail him much. They were

related so he just shook him.

Ehe!! Daniel do you know that gal?

( onihaxy said pointing at mercy


Yes i know her well o, she is my

friend, she even talked about that

your story called “ADEBIMPE THE

FACEBOOK GIRL” she told me she

loves the story.

Infact let me introduce you guys to

her,’ Daniel said and they all headed

to meet her.

Hi mercy, Daniel waived at her.

Oh Daniel weldone,’ mercy replied.

You are looking very beautiful

today,’ Daniel added.

Hmmm thanks jor,’ mercy said.

Uhmmm i want to introduce you to

my friends. They are all authors,’

Daniel said and was interrupted by

the micro phone.

The host of the programme came in

front of the stage.

Good morning everybody, you are all

welcome to this programme. The

name of this programme is


programme is hosted in 25different

country’s. This programme was

produced and developed by an

American whose name is Beiber.

We are the host here in Nigeria.

More updates on this programme

will be given to you by the

moderator who is popularly refered

to as adelove.

Everybody clapped and the

moderator came to address the


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