Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 10

Daniel was now without

focus. He failed to pick up

Martins calls already, thinking

within himself that what

would they be discussing

when his crush just destroyed

him? He was already miserable

as he kept driving without

knowing his destination.

He didn’t know what would

happen if he went home and

felt driving around would

waste much of the time so

that he would sneak into the

house by night. But, would

that solve all his problem? He

had wondered as his car

screeched to halt at the front

of King’s Bar.

If his life would really be

miserable, he felt he should

balance the equation by

drinking. He was already a

frustrated man and didn’t

know how he’d straighten his

bent paths.

He walked inside and took

his seat on the barstool,

smiling to the bartender. “Give

me two bottles of Romeo.” He


The bright lady turned

around to get the bottles of

Romeo and soon, Daniel

started drinking.


Nora had left the room for

the bar. She was tired and also

frustrated as she motioned

closer to the oak bar and

picked up a wine glass cup

from the hanger and plopped

down one of the barstools

there, reaching for the small

towel to be by her side and

the wine itself.

Just then, she began to

drink too, till she was drunk

and didn’t know what was

happening again.


Daniel had taken the two

bottles demanded and paid

the bartender before he took

his leave, already drunk and

walking like a drunk man. He

wasn’t sure if he would be

able to drive home safely, or if

he wouldn’t kill a fellow before

getting home.

He just hopped inside the

vehicle and started driving,

maneuvering from right to left

till his destiny lead him to his

house safely. He parked the

vehicle and dropped down

from the car, leaning against it

for a while.

He wasn’t sure of what he

would meet inside the house.

Would Nora still be inside this

house? He wondered as he

threw his heavy body away

from the vehicle and started

walking inside the house. He

got to the living room and

wiped his face if he could still

see very well, but there was no

one on seat.

He was beginning to think if

his thought was real. She had

left already. He motioned

further till he got to the bar

and met Nora on the floor,

drunk too.

He bent and carried her up,

admist his drunkenness. Then,

Nora’s eyes opened slowly, but

it was just blurry. “Daniel..” she

hit him by the chest and

started making love

confessions in her

unconscious state.

It seems it’s in a drunk state

one can only know who’s in

love with him. Daniel who was

also drunk was managing to

her utterances as he was

making his own too, telling

each other about their


Daniel dropped her on their

matrimonial bed and switched

off the light as he jumped on

the bed too. It’s only

tomorrow the two would

know what’s up.

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