Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 22

“I just don’t want us to

remain here, Gloria. It is


Gloria pulled in her lips and

snapped her fingers. “Alright,

let’s go and find somewhere

to stay, who can tell if the

house owner is on his way?”

“Exactly.” David’s wish finally

came true as he hopped into

the car with Gloria and drove

on. As he drove on, Alex’s car

was also on it’s way and both

just passed beside each other,

unknowingly. “That’s Alex!”

Gloria said as they moved on.

“Alex? The owner of the

house, right?” He enquired.

“Sure.” Gloria replied.

David’s phone was just

glued to his ear, at last his

friend picked up the call and

he started explaining all he


…Story continues.

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