Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 18

“I’m Alex! He stole you away

from me because I travelled,


“Alex, let me go!” Nora


“I have told you earlier,

Nora. If you scream from now

till tomorrow, no f—–g body

will hear you!”

“Alex leave me! I hate you!

Where’s Daniel?” She cried.

“I can’t leave you, Nora.

You’re the air I’m breathing,

you’re the sweat I’m sweating,

you’re the shadow following

me, I can’t…” He hardly

finished his false confessions

when Nora landed a slap on

his cheeks.

Alex held on to his cheeks

quickly while Nora climbed on

the mattress as fast as she

could, if she could run out of

the house. Alex followed and

grabbed her even before she

could leave the room. He

pushed her to the mattress as

he bounced on her and

started beating her up.


David had driven down to

his own place of work as he

thudded down his chair and

swiveled to the right, thinking.

He had been a man of great

enjoyment, a fornicator, a

drunkard and many more to

his memory. “No one..” He just

said silently as he shook his


He had been engulfed in

thought, wondering as if no

one had ever preached to him.

He could remember when one

of his friends was having his

wedding and the Pastor

mounted on the pulpit to

preach the gospel, he had

thought all the young man of

God would say would just be

concerning love, warnings in

marriage, but he was shocked

to have heard him preaching

about eternity.

He carried his iPad and

walked out of the Auditorium.

In his heart, he had concluded

within himself that no one

could convince him to Christ at

all! How did Gloria manage to

hook his heart! He had been


He just opened his lasy

drawer and brought out a big

book, new, dusty and dirty. He

had kept it there for so long

and that’d be his first time of

getting hold of it. It was his



Alex slammed the door as

he walked out angrily to wash

his blood-stained hands. He

had beaten Nora to the extent

that she bled through her

nose and mouth.

Nora was on the floor, in

pain as she bled. She was

crying profusely, not because

of the way she was beaten,

but because she couldn’t

boast that Daniel was still alive.

Who would save her from the

hands of evil Michael? She had

been wondering as she rolled

in her blood and tears. Is

Daniel still alive? She had

wonderedas she cried more.

She remembered he was

shot by the head and he

collapsed immediately. A

person shot by the head can’t

live again! That has to do with

the brain, from the brain to

the heart! Is Daniel really

gone? She continued wailing

in pain and tears.

She never knew how she

was taken into the room, she

never knew her phone had

falled under the mattress

when she was thrown to the

bed as she was taken into the

room in an unconscious state.

She had been wondering on

how she could just leave Alex’s

hands and go to see her


Her heart was shattered.



Daniel’s mother was seated

in the living room. As she

heard the honk of her

daughter, she rushed to the

curtains and pushed them to a

side to know if she was really

the one.

As soon as she saw her, she

went to her seat and burst

into tears. She hadn’t been

crying, maybe seeing her

made her to start crying again.

Soon, the lady walked inside

the house slowly and met her


“Mum, what’s wrong?” Her

handbag slipped off her hand

as she rushed to meet her


“Daniel’s really gone.” She

replied admist tears. She had

been up and doing

concerning Daniel since

morning, so, she couldn’t even

call any of her children to


“Daniel’s what? Where did

he go to?” She asked, not

wanting to think of another

word synonymous to ‘go‘.

“My son was shot! Daniel…

he was..” she continued


“No..” She screamed aloud.

“No mum! No! I still saw him

on Sunday with his wife,

mum! I still saw Nora and we

spoke together! No! Mum,


Daniel’s mother wiped her

tears as she held on to her

daughter and quickly hugged

her. “Stop all these!” She said.

“No!” She wriggled out the

hug as she rushed out of the

house without even carrying

her handbag. It was still hard

to belief.

As the woman was crying,

she picked up her phone and

called the Doctor.

The whole family had been

in tears since morning.


The next morning.

“Where’s Nora!” Tonia

exclaimed as they were all set

to visit the hospital.

“We’ve been trying to get

her since yesterday, Tonia.”

Daniel’s mother replied. “I met

her handbag inside the car, so

I have been wondering if

Daniel was shot and Nora was

taken away.” She added.

“Nora too? But who’s this

person who did all these?” She

wanted to start crying again.

“No one should cry

anymore!” Daniel’s Father said

from behind.

His little brother, Michael

was leaning against the wall,

crying too as they got set to

check out the hospital. “They

just killed him that way?”

Michael wiped his tears.

“Dear, shouldn’t we get the

police force involved in this?

Shouldn’t we get them

involved in those who

murdered Daniel and where

Nora was taken to?” His father


Dan’s mother hurtled a gaze

at him and shook her head.

“Not now!” She exclaimed.

“How do we get to the root

of the matter then?” He asked.

“Just leave everything to

me.” She replied. “Let’s go.”

She added as she led the way.

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