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THE OAK DOOR, he put on a

smile as he entered into the

room he had kept Nora. He

looked so happy that he had

conquered Daniel and at last

had Nora to himself. “Nora.”

He called out as he sat by the

edge of the mattress.

Nora opened her heavy

eyes, earlier, her nose had

been stuffed with chloroform

to make her sleep. She had

been in shock, shouting and

crying because of Daniel. She

had disturbed the atmosphere

of the car until the guys made

her sleep by force.

As she opened her eyes,

tears rolled down her face

again. Even while she was

asleep, tears were still rolling

down her face. It was indeed

a big shock to her, she never

expected what happened

within a minute. Still

wondering, she remembered

he was shot by the head and

her head jacked up instantly.

“Are you now awake?” Alex

enquired from her, his smile

suddenly changed to a grin.

Nora looked into the face of

Alex and dimmed her eyes,

struggling to see him properly.

“Alex!” She exclaimed.

Alex whisked to his feet as

he laughed. “This is me, dear.”

“What!” She exclaimed

again. “You’re the one!” She

stretched her index finger as

she quickly knelt on the bed.

“Alex!” She shouted again.

“What’s happening now?

Nora, you’re here with me

now, let’s forget everything!”

“Are you out of your mind?

Alex where’s my husband?

Where’s Daniel? Where have

you kept him! Alex!” She

began to cry.

“Can you see now, this guy

is making you cry now, I can’t

withstand seeing tears in your


“It seems you’re crazy, Alex!

What have you done to

Daniel?” She questioned.

“Just take life so easy, Nora.

Let the sleeping dog lie..”

Nora interrupted. “What’s

the meaning of this! You

kidnapped me? Where’s

Daniel? Where’s my husband? I

hate you, Alex!” She shouted.

Alex stood akimbo with a

frown on his face. “What on

earth is your problem, Nora.

It’s been a while, you know

what happened back then,

don’t you? We didn’t separate,

I was flown abroad for

treatment, only for me to

return and hear that you’re

with another guy. I still care a

lot for you, dear.”

Nora hissed. “Where’s


Alex chuckled. “I have said it

earlier, Nora. If you won’t

accept me easily and happily,

you’ll accept me forcefully!”

“Alex! Let go of me!” Nora


“Stop shouting because no

one’s here to save you. Don’t

beat about the bush because

you’re mine already, Nora.”

“No! Daniel! He was shot!

Where’s Daniel? They shot my

husband, Where’s Daniel?”

“One thing is that even if

Daniel took tricycle, he would

have gotten to hell fire by

now, dear. If you don’t know

what that means, my love,

Daniel’s gone already.”

Nora froze.


Daniel’s mother ran out of

Doctor’s office, crying

profusely. She had picked up

her phone so as to call her

other daughter and get all

those who needed to know.

She was out of control

already, crying and wiping her

tears almost immediately.

There was something

different about her character

that minute, she was shivering

and panicking as if if she got

all the necessary people

informed, Daniel would come

back to life.

The nurses in the hospital

too even knew that a man just

died due to Dan’s mum’s


Soon, she rushed back into

the hospital, wiping her tears

as she rushed to the Doctor



Gloria marched to her seat

as she got to the office and

placed her head on her two

hands that had been placed

on each other. She prayed for

some minutes before she

dropped her bag down beside

herself and switched on her

electronic system.

She had directed David

inside to see the director

while she started her own

work for the day. She didn’t

know, but she could feel a

twinge of happiness in her

mind. She had been longing to

win a soul for God, but she

didn’t know how she would

approach anyone she met. At

least, heaven was happy over

the soul and over herself who

just won one soul into the

kingdom. “Thank God.” She

didn’t know when she closed

her eyes and said the phrase.

Resting her back on the

chair, she swiveled the chair

as she began to think of how

she started preaching to

David. Suddenly, her mind

deviated, she wasn’t thinking

about how she preached to

David again, she began to

think about David himself. He

was tall, light in complexion,

handsome and cool. Though,

he was an unbeliever but she

had preached to him already

and he had confessed God as

his saviour.

God… she just beamed. Is it

David? She just chuckled as

she swiveled the chair again.

Is he the one? She wondered

as she closed her eyes for a

moment. God, please let me

know soon. She muttered with

a sincere heart.

Suddenly she opened her

eyes and met David before her.

His hands were on the table

and his body, drifted forward

as if he was looking at her

face closely. Gloria’s heart lost

a beat as she saw him. Has he

heard my utterances? She

wondered as she sat up and

David stood upright. “You are

muttering incoherent words,

Gloria.” He smiled.

Gloria didn’t want to believe

that David didn’t hear all she

had said. “Incoherent?” She

raised her brows.

“Sure.” David raised his

shoulders with a smile. “I’m

here just to appreciate you for

your lecture today..”

She cut in, “I’m not a

lecturer, what you have to do

next is simply to start

attending church services.”

“Sure, I have started.” He

laughed as he pressed some

buttons on his iPad and

passed it to Gloria. “Please

punch in the address of your

church.” He said.

Gloria smiled.

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