Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 23

Alex was moving his head,

dancing to the beat of the

music he was listening to. He

halted the car and came down

slowly, whistling as he

approached the gate. He

unlocked the gate and heard

Nora’s shouts inside the

house, screaming for help. He

chuckled and walked back into

his car to drive in.

He parked the vehicle and

came down to lock up his gate

before he finally went inside

the house to face Nora for


He had unbuttoned his shirt

and headed to Nora’s room to

deal with her for shouting.

What if people had heard her

shouts? This girl is just insane!

He had said as he pushed the

door to her room open and

rested his back on the door

after he locked it up.

He was looking at her, his

eyes were already transmitting

what he had in his mind,

ANGER! He bit his lips and

stared at her. Nora was

already by the edge of the

mattress, her heart was

beating as fast as it could, she

was so afraid she had been

thinking Alex would just kill

her that day. “You want

people to know, is that not it?”

He took a step forward as he

questioned her.

“Alex.” She called the name

softly as she stretched forth

her hand, telling him to stop

coming closer.

“You can bash me for all I

care… That is if you have the

strength to do that.” He

laughed and continued, “do

you want to destroy this deal?

Do you?” He grabbed her hand


“Alex!” Nora screamed as

she tried to wriggle her hand

away from his.

Daniel laughed and let go of

her hand. “I think I should

forgive you this one more

time, darling.” He grinned.

“Mercy won’t be available the

next time you try this shit with

me. I’m Alex! I’m in control.”

As tired as Nora was, she

sprung to her feet suddenly.


“The guy has entered now,

Gloria. Who knows what he

would be doing to the poor

lady now? Who knows?” David


“At least your friend said the

police officers are now on

their way, all will be fine

soon.” Gloria replied.

David let out air from his

nostrils as he tilted his head. “I

never knew such people still

exist in this world, I never

knew.” He hardly finished

speaking when his phone

rang. It was his friend, the

police officer.

“Dave, I’m calling to tell you

our guys are on the way.

Besides, it seems the case you

just reported was reported to

us some hours back. A lady is

in search of her brother’s wife

who was kidnapped. Let’s

hope that’d be the person

we’ve been searching for too.”

David smiled. “Thanks,

friend. We are surely



Tonia dropped down on the

sofa. She began to wonder

why everything was like that.

Who could have shot Daniel

and went away with his wife?

That can’t be any other person

but someone who is either in

love with Daniel or his wife.

“No.” She cautioned herself.

Someone who’s in love with

someone won’t shoot him.

Even if that situation must

happen, not in the head

where he or she knew he

could die instantly. That means

the person is possibly in love

with Nora and not Daniel.

“No news yet!” She

clenched her fingers. “When

will she be found? She’s the

only person that can make the

situation on ground better for


She wiped her tears as she

remembered Daniel. “Dan.”

She said softly.


“If you’ll kill me today, I

don’t care but I wish to know

some things, Dan.” Nora


“Dan? Can you see that

you’re being mistaken? Am I

Dan?” Alex smiled.

“You must be crazy for

saying that! I am no longer

afraid of you, boy. All I’m after

is that you have killed the

child’s father, let the child live!”

“Child.” Alex repeated as he

squinted his face as he began

to ponder on what she had

just said. “What did you just

say? How do… do you mean?”

“You already, know. Don’t

you? By the way, before you

kill me, I wish to know why

you killed him. I never knew

you to be animal before!

Thanks be to God that we got

separated, I would have been

married to an animal who

have no value for a lady, not

for God or for mankind.”

“Nora!” Alex shouted, rolling

his fist.

“Kill me! I seriously care

less! All I want is for my baby

to live and by the way, in the

hands of sensible and God-

fearing human being, not


“You’re already carrying his

baby, right?” He began to

laugh. “I said I want to marry

you and you are already

carrying his baby. How will I

have my way? The baby has to

go and will surely go.” He

laughed again.

“Even your grandparents

can’t stop this kid from

coming into this world. Even

none of your generation, Alex.

You fool!”

“Nora! I now see that you

really wish to die.” He took

some steps closer and slapped

her so hard that she fell on the

mattress. He started beating

her up until he found out that

she had fainted. He just hissed

and walked out of the room,

leaving the door unlocked.


David had driven the car

near to Alex’s house again. He

and Gloria had felt the police

officer were meant to be

closer to them now and grab

whom they ought to jail. He

looked at Gloria every minute,

wondering if he was safe. If

not for Gloria who had told

him to drive back to Alex’s

place, he had already parked

his car, awaiting the police

from where he could not be


Soon, the police’s vehicle

came around and the two got

down from the car and rushed

forward to meet the

policemen. “Are you Mr.

David?” One of them had

asked as they saw David.

“Sure.” He stretched forth

his hand to exchange a

handshake. His friend must

have told the policemen about

him, definitely.

The officer shook his hand.

“Is this the house?” He

glimpsed at the building and

back at David.

“Yes, this is the house.”

Gloria cut in.

“Alright.” The man replied

and looked back at the other

officers. “Guys!” He called out

as they motioned towards the

gate. It was locked.

“Locked.” The officer said to

his guys as he signaled to one

of them that climbed over the

fence. It was so quick and

silent that only a person who

might be expecting them

would notice. The officer

opened the gate slowly while

other officers came in slowly.

David and Gloria just stood

together and were looking at


The policemen motioned

further, walking stealthily till

they got to the main entrance

of the house. One of them just

pressed down the door

handle and luckily, the door

was open! He waved his hand

at them, signaling that the

door was open. Then, they

began to walk in.


Alex had taken off his

clothes. He was clad in only his

singlet and boxer shorts when

he walked out of the room to

the living room. He picked up

the remote control of the

television and had his seat as

he tuned the television.

He had been thinking of

what exactly to do with Nora

since she told him she was

pregnant. He didn’t want to kill

her, but didn’t know how long

it would take for him to make

preparations for the two of

them to travel out of the

country. “She must surely be

mine! By the time I am

through with all these, she will

at the end love me. At least,

there is no Daniel anywhere

again, let’s see if she won’t

dance to the tune of my music

at the end!” He laughed aloud.

“Freeze, don’t move.” He

heard next.

He gazed at the television

set with his bulgy eyes fully

open, probably wondering if

the noise came from the

movie he was seeing or all

was already dawning on him.

“No>” He turned his head and

saw guns, already pointing at

him. “No.” He repeated.

“This is a yes, Sir.” An officer

stepped forward with a leaflet

of foolscap sheet and

unfolded it. “This is our search

warrant, we are here to

search your house.” He

displayed the paper before

him before he looked at the

men and tilted his head,

moving in the direction of

inside the house. “Search,


“There’s nothing to search

in this house! This is illegal!

You can’t just come to

someone’s house with a sheet

of paper and request to see

the what is in the house. I

won’t take this!” He kept

shouting at the top of his


“Please, Sir. I’ll just advice

you to remain quiet because

whatever you say here…”

“-will be used against me,

right?” He concluded the

sentence as he stared at the

officer and back to the ones

who were already on their

ways to search inside the

house. “No.” He screamed


“We found here!” A voice

was heard from a room

suddenly. “Shit!” He hit his left

fist in his right palm. Looking

forward, they brought Nora

out of the room, bleeding


“You’re under arrest.” The

officer said as the brought the

handcuffs forward.

Truly, it has dawned on him.

….story continues

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