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proof could show that she had

been on the soft bed, crying

overnight. She was not after

her problems but after Daniel.

She had often questioned

herself, wondering is he really

dead? If only she could get a

quick and correct response

that he was alive, her mind

would be at rest. Why would

disaster strike at the time the

two began to get along?

Her heart hadn’t stopped

saying prayers for Daniel as

she laid on the bed. It had

been hours that she’s been

seated without blinking an

eyelid. She had shouted Alex’s

name continuously but it

seemed the criminal was not

around. Where could he have

gone overnight? Who could

tell if he was around and was

just pretending to be absent?

She could feel pain all over

herself, Alex was really a


Daniel’s parents and siblings

walked into the Hospital

slowly, their eyes; darting

round the reception as they

shuffled to a seat. “Let’s go on

ahead to see the Doctor.”

Daniel’s mother told the

frustrated man on seat.

His ears still couldn’t believe

that Daniel was really gone, he

really wished to see the corpse

of his son before giving up on

him. The two went on ahead

as they left Tonia and her

brother on seat, telling them

they’d be right back. As they

walked on, Daniel’s mother

drifted closer to the father and

they began to discuss. Soon,

they got to the Doctor’s office

and knocked softly.

The two walked inside the

office immediately they got the

go-ahead to come inside.

“How are you doing, Doctor?”

Dan’s father enquired as he

sat down.

“Good day, Sir.” The Doctor

stood up as he protracted his

hand for handshake.

“Good day, Doctor. What of my

son?” The man quickly asked.

The Doctor hurtled a gaze at

Dan’s mother, probably

wondering maybe she hadn’t

told the man that Daniel was

gone already. He raised his

brows as and his shoulders


“Your son, Sir….” The Doctor

paused. He wanted to

continue but it was obvious

that he didn’t know what

really he was meant to say that

minute. He looked at Daniel’s

mother and back to the man

who just questioned him. “Can

you show me my son’s

corpse?” He asked.

“Urgh… em.. as a Doctor, Sir, I

think you shouldn’t see that

type of thing this moment..”

He hardly finished the

sentence before glimpsing at

Dan’s mother again, raising his

brows. Daniel’s mother cleared

her throat.

“See, we don’t need all this! If

you go on ahead to see his

corpse now, it will cause you

nothing but more trouble. Do

you want me to start crying


The man burst into tears.

“So my Daniel is really gone?

And you said I shouldn’t

involve the police? Did you just

say that? I must get to the root

of this matter! I must get

whosoever killed my son and

took his wife away! I will! He


The Doctor let out air from

his nostrils forcefully as he sat

down. “Please Sir, could you

please sit and listen to what I

wish to tell you, Sir. It might

calm your spirit and make you

know that we need no

vengeance presently.” “WE?”

He repeated as he sat slowly.

“When did you become a

member of my family?”

“Please, Sir. Could you just

listen to me?”

“Okay, speak on..” He sniffled

as he wiped his face.

Alex flipped the door open

as he gazed at Nora. “My

dear.” He walked in,

unbalanced and dirty.

Nora sat up.

He looked like a fellow who

was drunk. Could he have

gone to a bar? She wondered.

But that was of little concern,

if he was really drunk, she was

ready to take the risk involved

in running away from him that

day. “Won’t you speak to me?”

Nora looked at him with pity

and disgust. She was only

pitying him for how he would

look after he would be caught

with his fellow evil doers, she

wondered how a person

could be so heartless and at

the end expecting her to

marry him. It sounded so

stupid to her. She smiled.

“Welcome sweetheart, I

have been longing to see you.”

She said.

“Really? I’m back now and

I’m all yours.” He grinned. He

threw himself on the mattress,

as Nora glimpsed at the door.

It wasn’t locked. He might still

be under the influence of the


“Where did you now go to?

I missed you.” “I only went to

play with my friends, I’m back

now.” He replied slowly. He

had laid on the bed and his

two eyes were closing up .

“Should I help you cook

something?” She asked him.


David dropped down from

his vehicle and raised his head

up, reading the bold letters of

the company’s name;


He beamed as he tucked his

hands in his pocket and

dropped his head down,

checking his pair of well-

polished black shoes. One

mistake he knew he made

was that he didn’t get Gloria’s

mobile number before he left

the other day. Anyways, he

collected her church address

and didn’t know when they’d

be having service.

“She should be able to take

lunch with me.” He had

thought as he took his first

step into the company with a

smile. Thank God he came at

the right time, it was during

the break of the company.

“Hey!” He grinned as he saw

her on seat, punching on

some buttons on her

handheld. Gloria raised her

head and saw him.

“Wao!” She grinned too.

“Good afternoon, Mr David.”

David chuckled.

“How are you doing?” He


“I’m great as usual, and

you?” She asked.

“Enjoying God!” He winked

with a flash of grin.

“I never knew you’d come

around. We are on break

presently, would you like to

wait for the boss for one

hour?” She enquired.

“Ohh.. so bad of me! Please

sit down.” She quickly said as

she showed him to a seat.

David grinned again as he sat


“I didn’t come for the boss,

Gloria.” He didn’t come for the

boss, so who? She wondered.

“Really?” She widened her


“Sure. I came to invite you

to a lunch with me, so you can

tell me more about God, your

Church and most especially

how I can contact you when I

need help.”

“Help? From me?” She


“About my spiritual life.” He


“What about your spiritual

life?” “I need you to

recommend books and… you

know?” He shrugged.

Gloria chuckled. “It is very

simple, Sir. You can pick up

your Bible and the Holy Spirit

will speak to you, I don’t have

anything to add.”

“Hmmn…” He cleared his

throat and scratched his head.

“Just to help me.”

Gloria smiled. “Alright, no


“So can you follow me to

that eatery where we can take

lunch, so you can discuss with

me a bit?” David said, thinking

in his heart that he had a

great approach of cajoling.

Gloria just curved her lips

into a faint smile, she liked him

at least. She had been

wondering how she could

preach to a soul and he

accepted Jesus that same day.

But I hope it’s not too early?

She had wondered in her

heart, thinking if it wouldn’t

be early for her to start

following David. Though, he

was already converted and it

seemed he wanted to know

more about the saviour he

just gave his life to.

“Alright..” She drawled,

putting on the expression as if

she was just going because

she had to recommend books

and preach to him. She was

already slipping into the ocean

of love too.

“Thanks, God bless you.”

David said smiling.

Gloria also gave a warm

smile as she grabbed her



Nora froze at the same spot

immediately she heard Alex’s

blusterous voice. Alex never

slept? She had thought within

herself as she still stood at the

point as if the voice was like

an adhesive that had tied her

down. As she stood, millions

of thoughts ran through her

troubled mind. She was fed up

and didn’t even know what

next she was meant to do.

“I only made you go

through a test to know if truly

you want me, but now I see

that you are ready to run away

and expose me, right?”

Nora turned around and

looked at him with her

swollen and oily face. “You are

crazy, Alex!” She exclaimed.

“That’s because of the

strong love I have for you,

Nora. No other guy can ever

love you this way! Not even


Nora gave a soft chuckle as

she moved her wrists by her

waist, standing akimbo. “Yes, I

am a hundred percent sure

that Daniel can never love me

this way.” She said as she took

a slight pause.

“What did I say? Good you

even know!”

“Only a daft person won’t

know my husband can never

raise his hands on me! You

are an animal, just in human

form, Alex. I never knew you

could change this much!” Alex

became umbrageous again as

he arose from the mattress.


A month later… It was

already a month. Weeks had

rolled into weeks and it was

on Sunday morning. Tonia

walked to her window and

pulled the drapes to a side,

wondering where Nora could

be. At first, she had been

thinking that Nora flee when

Daniel was shot, but there is

something that still looked

confusing in the matter that

made her parents finalized

that she should return to

Nigeria and search for Nora by

all means.

Daniel’s family moved to

America, a week after they

cleared themselves from the

hospital. They have been there

for weeks but it seemed

something unusual was

showing forth that made the

family finalized that Tonia

should come and try all she

could so as to get Nora and

probably bring her to America

too. Who knows if she even

ran away or if she was taken

away by those who shot

Daniel? Now, no one to shed

more light, not even Daniel!

You can never understand

him! How do I start my

investigation now? She

wondered as she let out air

from her nostrils and sat on

the soft bed.

The ray of the sun

shadowed into the big room

where she was. She didn’t like

how dark it was earlier, the

electric power had been taken

and she had no choice but to

open the window. She sighed

again as she laid on the

mattress this time. She knew

her mother could call her any

moment and ask if she had

seen Nora at all.

She just returned the day

before and had been called

severally as if she knew where

she was. “God, please help me,

help Nora wherever she is and

that Daniel! I’m tired of crying

and searching all around.” She



Even though it was a month

already, Nora was still in the

room locked up. She had been

trying her best to hold her

head up, if not, she would

have killed herself long back.

She had cried that she felt

she had no tear left in her eyes

any longer. Her faith that she

had tried to keep up had

gradually degraded that she

already had it in mind that

Daniel was really gone.

Sometimes, it would look like a

dream to her whenever she

remembered that Daniel was

really gone. She had also

refused to give her body to

Alex, neither her heart, which

had resulted into different


She was on the bed, still

thinking when she felt a

change in her system suddenly

and rushed to her feet. She

had been feeling feverish for

some days, but there was no

one to tell that to. She picked a

race to the bathroom as she

went to vomit. She hoped it

was only fever and nothing


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