Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 5

Daniel didn’t know if he would be

served breakfast once he entered into

the house back, he felt he didn’t have to

embarrass himself by trying to sit down

and wait for the breakfast and at the

end of the day, Nora wouldn’t behave as

if she knew him at all.

Daniel paced into the living room and

sat down. He was a Christian but he

didn’t take everything so serious that he

had to leave for church as early as

possible. He even hated Sunday School

lessons, he liked getting to the church

for the service by ten am than getting to

church for Sunday School.

He picked up the remote control of

the 45 inches flat screen LG television

and that of the decoder that was beside

him and tuned the channel of the

decoder if he could see a movie for few

minutes before getting prepared for the


He started seeing the movie when

Nora got to the dining room and served

the food there. She just sat down. She

didn’t know Daniel’s mind and wouldn’t

want a situation where she would call

him for his breakfast and he wouldn’t

answer her at all. I think if he’s hungry,

he would come for his food here. Nora

had thought as she began to eat her

own food.

Daniel who was hungry kept turning

his head towards the dining room,

wondering when Nora would stop her

bad attitudes. He didn’t know what

would become of him if he walked to

the dining, beside her to eat. What if she

packs her food? He had thought as he

faced the television set again.

Few minutes after Nora finished

eating, she walked to the kitchen and

got her plate washed. She thereafter

rushed inside the house to freshen up

and prepare for that Sunday Service.

Daniel motioned to the dining room

and beside the dining table as he

peeped inside the serving plates. He

opened one of them and the aroma

filled his void stomach. He felt like eating

the food, he didn’t know his boundary

since he hugged Gloria. Abeg, I no dey

eat. He muttered as he closed the plate

but not exactly as Nora closed it up.

He switched off the television set and

walked inside the room to take his bath



“When will you give your life to

Christ?” Gloria suddenly introduced into

the discussion of herself and Alex.

Alex looked at her with leery eyes and

hissed. “I think you’ve done enough

here, Gloria.” He whisked to his feet.

“Enough here?” She smiled broadly.

“Let’s go to church, Alex.” She said.

“Gloria, I said I am not ready to go to

any church, na by force?”

“How would I get married to a man

who wouldn’t teach my children about

the ways of the Lord, Alex? No!”

“You have started again. Marriage is

all about take me or leave me! Several

ladies are out there and they want me


Gloria chuckled and frowned almost

immediately. “Then get those ladies,

Alex! If you don’t follow me to church

today, that’s the end between us.”

Alex laughed. “I knew it, Gloria! I

suspected from the scratch that you’ve

been looking for my weak points so that

you can go on with Daniel, right?”

Gloria became indignant. “Hell no!

Why on earth would I do such? But why

on earth are you also an unbeliever?

Why? Why can’t you believe in God? Why

do you find it difficult to go to church?”

“I told you ealier, Gloria. A man who

would preach to an unbeliever, his own

life must glorify your God first. It’s only if

your God can show himself to me, if he

can show how mighty he is, then, I’ll

serve him.” He grinned.

“I’m off.” Gloria said and stood up.

“Alright, great!” Alex felt fulfilled as he

lead the way to the door and locked it

up immediately Gloria left.

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