Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 4

Nora turned the gas cooker off. She

didn’t know if well or bad she was

doing, but she felt she had taken the

right decision. Daniel had been taciturn

to her, just doing his things his way,

why should she try to go on well with

him too? She didn’t like how the two of

them kept laughing a kind of laughter

that wasn’t down to the heart on the

wedding day. She felt Daniel had

probably met the lady he had dated

before and wouldn’t want her again, so,

trying to move away from him might

solve the case in a way.

She rested against the solid maple

cabinets. It was a big and beautiful

kitchen with halogen flash mounts and

track light that produced an excellent

lighting in the kitchen. She walked to the

microwave and stood near it. There was

a Kenmore smooth surface range with

oversize oven window, also an

osterilizer blender stood beside the

microwave and behind her was a

dishwasher and a double bowl ceramic

sink with disposal. It was a very

beautiful kitchen Daniel ensured she


She felt Daniel didn’t like her again,

even though she hugged Alex, she

didn’t expect him to retailiate too. He

just tried to pay her back in her own

coin, she had thought as she snorted.

She had been trying to put her hopes

up, thinking the relationship wouldn’t

continue that way. She had no courage

to speak to him because she felt he was

angry, Daniel on ther hand was

disappointed in her, he also felt she

would feel the same to way to him. So,

how would he go before her and make

an utterance?


Alex rolled on the mattress as he took

a glimpse at the wall clock that was

tickling softly. He felt it was moving

faster than expected as he picked up his

phone. He stared at his wallpaper for a

moment and dropped the phone again.

He had forgotten about Nora already,

why did she come to cast a shadow

again? His days in America had been so

boring and sad because Nora was not

there. Seeing Gloria’s image as his

wallpaper made him remember the day

he crossed his mind to forget Nora


Did he even forget her completely? As

he had always said, there is something

spectacular about one’s first love. It had

been very tough, if not, why didn’t he

hold himself back at the sight of Nora?

He remembered how he pulled Gloria

by the hand into his vehicle so they

could leave the plaza so that they

wouldn’t complicate the issue even

more. He was a Christian but a non-

practicing one. He had never believed in

the existence of a God, not even a god

too. He liked being himself and that was

one major thing that did cause trouble

between him and Gloria.

Gloria was a chorister in her church

and had always encouraged him to

come to church with her, but he

wouldn’t listen. He had never

remembered Nora ever telling him about

Christ Jesus. He felt Gloria was becoming

a burden when it was time to proof

one’s religious life and belief.

He never for once stopped by in

church, he really hated it. He believed

there was no God, no eternity, sins are

just ways by which we make living, sins

are normal things needed to be done.

He left with Gloria on Friday and both

never discussed till he got to the front of

her house and parked. The first thing

that came out of his mouth was to ask

who Daniel was.

Gloria never minded him, she just

curved her lips into a smile. “A long lost


He was indignant. That was Gloria that

had always told him about Christ, in sin!

“Don’t you know it’s a sin to hug a guy

who’s not your lover?”

Gloria who didn’t know what precisely

to say so she could get herself outta

Alex’s blame just cleared her throat and

glanced at him. “It’s not in the Bible.”

Alex just laughed. That had been

baffling him. She told him no such thing

was in the Bible and came down form

his vehicle, walking away. Who now

created God! He thought within himself

with a sneer and drove away. At least, he

knew no one created God, muslims who

also believe in Allah, he needed to know

who created Allah for him to believe

Allah created him. In fact, he wished to

know who created the gods so that he

could believe that the gods actually exist.

Scam! He would think and hiss.

A knock at door made him know he

had gone far in his pipe dream and

raised his head. It was past eight in the

morning and he hadn’t spoken with

Gloria since he dropped her off. He just

stared at her picture as his wallpaper

and had been thinking since then.

He walked to the living room to know

who was there. Opening the door, he

took a gaze at the fellow, it was Gloria.


The living room was though small but

was full. It was beautiful and was well

decorated with vases, decoys, moose

and bear figures. He had no Christian

tapestries in the house, a Sony tape

deck, AIWA portable stero and a pine

coffe table that stood in a side of the

living room. The sofas were brown, big

and beautiful with mathing lamps on

either side of each sofa. “Welcome in

here.” Alex said as he opened the door

and walked to a sofa to pick his seat.

“Alex, you couldn’t call.” Gloria walked

in behind her.

“Why would I call? At least you told me

it is not a sin to hug another guy, why

are you here, then?”

“I’m going on to church but just

stopped by to ask you few questions.”

Alex looked at her. “I hope this is not

a way to preach sermons to me? I’m not

ready for all that today.” He dismissed

her with a wave of hand.

“Absolutely no. I came to ask you who

the lady you hugged is.” She said.

Alex laughed. “I won’t tell you until

you tell me who the guy you hugged is.”

“Alright, I know you. He is a friend of

mine, a long lost one.” She replied.

“Exactly! She’s also a long lost friend,

Gloria.” He laughed.

“I knew it! You know we’re getting

married in some weeks time, Alex, tell

me whatever it is that you feel for me.”

Alex chuckled. “What’s this princess

saying all of a sudden? I’m a gentle guy,

you know that.”

“I don’t know that! You hugged that

lady, didn’t you?”

“You also hugged that guy, have you




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