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“Dad, What was the worst crime or sin you committed in life? Particularly when you were in the university? ” I asked.

As if my Dad had known what was wrong, He just hummed, sighed and crooned.

“Òmòwumin, my daughter ” he first of all said, then cuddled me.

“I had a hand in someone’s dèath” He said

I’ve never heard that kind of statement in my life. I’ve never heard a person saying that. I only watch it on television, and nothing more.

“Dad, You did what? ” I asked in great surprise.

“I k!lled a person ” he confirmed it, as tear started rolling down from his eyes.

That moment, I was no more myself, so I rapidly asked

“But why, Dad? ” I asked.

My Dad then burst into tears

” That was an ìgnorant time. She was the girl I met in the university.Her name was Esther. She loved me and I loved her too, not until when I knew that her late parent left properties for her. After knowing this, I told my friends about it, So they were the ones who advised me to k!ll her, just to gain the properties. ” My Dad said

If I said I didn’t know anything about this, That means I’m lying.

Before I was given my own personal room. When I was still sleeping with my parents, There was this particular dream that I and my parent usually dreamt.

My father, from his sleep, would shout

“Esther, Please!! “, He would be saying ot continuously, till he would wake up.

Before My Dad would’ve woke up, His clothes would’ve been wet with sweat.

The same thing happened to my mum when she was alive, too, But hers was different from Dad’s.

She would wake up from her sleep, shouting

“I won’t allow you to k!ll my husband”

My Dad would then cuddle her and say

“Sorry, darling. I pray we defèat this Esther, someday ”

My mum and my Dad would then sleep, and I would be there wondering about what was happening.

“But, Dad, How would you k!ll her? That’s bad. Kìllìng is bàd” I said, talking to my Dad.

My Dad, with tears on his eyes, said

“I don’t know if I would be forgiven by the Lord”

With a strange look, I told my Dad, with also tears on my eyes.

“Dad, Esther, The woman you k!lled is here to seek revenge.” I said.

My Dad blocked my mouth with his palm and then whispered to my ear.

“I know. I’ve understood. I’ve been told she’s now a dèm0n who want to haunt me. Just that I’ve been playing along” My Dad said.

I hummed, as I was totally confused.

“So, Dad, what’s the next thing? Let us go and beg her Please! ” I said.

Dad then whispered into my ear, again.

“You’re still a little kid. You can’t understand this. This is not a matter of begging. I know what to do” My Dad said.

I kept mute for like a minute, so did my Dad.

“Wumin, We’ll run away” My Dad said.

“To where, Dad? ” I asked.

“Don’t worry” he said.

My Dad rapidly took my hand, and we both stood up to run away.

As we opened the door to outside, We saw my stepmum, with blood on her eyes, and a knife on her hand, blocking our way.

“But she was upstair. How did she get here? ” I wondered.

My Dad then knelt down and started begging.

“It’s too late. Daniel, You also need to taste dèath. I can’t forgive you”

She jumped on my Dad, And raised the knife up to stàb him.

As I saw this, With my little power, I wanted to hold the knife, but she just pushed me away with spìritual power.

As I landed on the floor, I couldn’t stand again. She stàbbed my Dad,once.

My Dad was blèèding flowingly on the floor already.

She raised the knife up again, But as she was about to stàb him again, She was commanded to stop by our pastors.

I didn’t know who invited them to the house, I only saw them coming. They were more than fifteen.

My step mum, The dem0n, looked back, and thundered.

“No!!!! ” she thundered.

So the pastors continued praying on her heavily.

When it got to a point, she started crying.Then after crying, she disappeared and went away.

“Please, help me to carry my daddy to the hospital ” I said, with uncontrollable tears on my eyes.

The pastors tried to lift him up, But he Had gone already. My Dad d!ed, Because he was stàbbed in the stomach and he had loosen blood already.

I became the daughter of the church. I was sponsored and nurtured till I finally become successful.

Let it be said to the evìl doers that “What goes around comes around “.

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The end!.

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