Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 3

On this matter your mother d!ed on. She paid for what she didn’t buy. Stay away from this, little Girl” she said.

Immediately as she said this, I became àngry in my mind. My heart was būrning, As every part of my body was shaking.

In the first place, I wanted to move closer to her and jump on her, But then I came back to sense. A person who k!lled my mum wouldn’t find it hard at all to k!ll and demolish me. It would just be like a rat who want to fight a l!on. The rat would undoubtedly become food for the l!on. So I calmed down gently.

“But Please, ma. I didn’t understand the part “Your mum d!ed on this” please why did she d!e on it? ” I asked, While my lips were shaking fearfully.

She looked more serious after I asked this, she turned back to me.

“I’ve been living here with you in your house for more than ten years. I ought to have accomplished my mission and left, But your mum has been my problem since ten years ago. No way I would accomplish my mission without k!lling your mum, First of all. ” She said.

The part where she said she had been living with us for more than ten years made me smile in my mind. But I didn’t allow it to appear on my face. I just laughed in my mind.

“This woman must be a good nollywood actress ” I said in my mind.

“I knew you were laughing in your mind. Well if you think I’m telling you a nollywood movie, It’s fine. You’re still young to understand this” she said.

This made me feel shocked. I couldn’t imagine she would know what I was thinking and saying in my mind.

“Like how did she know what I said in my mind? ” I wondered, In my mind again.

She smiled again and said.

“How did I know it? Well you can’t understand. I’ve already told you” she said again.

Something like this has never happened to me. Though, It happens in nollywood movies but I don’t know it happens in real life, Too.

Since I realized she knew whatever I think of in my mind. I chose not to think or wonder about anything again. Like it was just like,I couldn’t even say what it was like.

“So, For you to know I had a hand in your mother’s dèath, to serve as a proof that I’ve been with you guys for so long. Your mother’s s!ckness started in the midnight. Your daddy hasn’t even woken up, you were the one who saw your mother crawling, Holding her leg, as she was groaning in pa!n” She said.

“This is getting serious ” I sighed.

Yeah. To be candid, That was how it happened.

“The first statement your mum made was “help me to wake you dad up” ” she said.

That was how it happened. Immediately as I saw my mum crawling, holding her leg, I ran to her and asked her what happened, But she said I should wake my Dad up. She had been waking him up, But her voice was lower then, and Dad had gone far in his sleeping.

“Well, have you believed now? ” she asked.

Without wasting time, I nodded.

“Yes, ma”.

“I’ve been living close to the parlour ‘s door for a while” she said.

I hummed, feeling surprised, scared and sàd at the same time.

“But please what’s the mission you want to accomplish? ” I asked.

She move a little more closer to me, remaining just like five more steps to me. Then she began talking.

“Your father had a hand in my dèath” she said.

I thought I heard that by a mistake. I thought that wasn’t what I heard, so I asked in surprise.

“I don’t understand, ma. My dad did what? ”

She smiled and said.

“Did I say he had a hand in my dèath? No. I’ve made a mistake. I d!ed a paînful dèath. Your father was the one who k!lled me” she said.

To be sincere, I couldn’t believe what she said. So I asked.

“Like, are you a dèad-soul? ” I asked.

She smiled, and said.

“I’m a living-ghòst”.

I was so confused. My mind wasn’t at rest again. I was just looking at the right and left like a thìef who was just released after being bèatèn brutally.

“But do ghòsts talk? ” I asked.

She smiled broadly and proceeded.

“Anyway, Me and your Dad met at st.loxis university in state. We gained admission the same year. I was studying economic, while he was studying accountancy. Well, I came from a rich home. But he came from a poor home. My parents, Both of them d!ed when I was still in secondary. They left all the property for me. Hope you’re listening? ” she asked me.

I rapidly said


“So your father___ ”

She was about to say more, when my Dad’s voice interrupted us from the downstair.

“Who is at home? “My daddy said.

He didn’t even wait for anybody to answer, he started shouting and calling my name.

“Omowumiiiii..!!!! ” My Dad shouted my name.

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