Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 2

As I heard this, My heart went out of range, and I was trembling fearfully.

For more than three minutes, I couldn’t leave where I stood. I was just there being surprised with what she said.

I don’t know what she meant by I would be an obstacle to accomplishing her mission successfully. I meant no hàrm. If it hadn’t been for the fear that gripped me, I wouldn’t have told my father anything. I would’ve kept shut and pray over it.

That time, My fears increased. Even if she overheard the dream I narrated to my father, I expected her to just Join hand together with us to pray over the tremendous event not to happen.

“Or does she really want to k!ll my father? ” I wondered, as I took a step to leave.

Even as I was in the school bus, I wasn’t feeling comfortable still, rather I was just being bothered.

“No, It can’t be. It can’t be possible. Ko possible jhor” I concluded in my mind that she wouldn’t ever plan to do that.

To be candid, I couldn’t comprehend with what I was taught in the school that day, I couldn’t even point out a topic I understood on that day.

When it was 10am – the time for breakfast -, I called one of my classmates whose mother had d!ed.

“Kìkè, Please come” I whistled.

Immediately as Kikè got to where I was, I told her to sit down and asked her.

“Please, I’m sorry to ask this, but please, how does your stepmum treat you? ” I asked.

Kìkè then bent down her head. Before she could raise her head up, Tears had started falling down from her eyes.

“Oh sorry!, Kikè. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked you this, just that I’m bothered with something ” I said, as I cuddled her.

I used my school uniform to wipe her tears, and the tears stopped falling down from her eyes.

“First of all, No one like mum. No one in this world can love you just like your mum. Mum’s love is incomparable” kikè said.

I must confess, Kìkè was actually saying the truth. No one in this world can ever love you just like your mum.

I remembered a day I offended my mum. She was so angry so much that she threw the iron cup on her hand at me, followed by:

“I don’t mind even if it hūrt you, I’m not going to take care of you, bàstàrd” My mum said àngrily on that day.

As the iron cup was thrown by her at me, It hit me so hard that I got injured.

I held my face and started shouting.

“My head head oh my head oh… Ahaha blood blood” I was shouting, when I saw blood coming out from my head.

In the first place when my mum heard this, she didn’t take it personal at all. She thought I was shouting “blood” to avoid being beaten.

So I kept shouting still.

“Blood, Blood, Yeeeee” I was shouting.

When my mum realized I was serious about it, She quickly came to me. When she saw the blood coming out truly, she couldn’t help, she came to my aid and rushed me to a nearby-clinic.

Later after I was treated medically, My mum still begged me not to be àngry that it was just a mistake. I just smiled and hugged her.

Kìkè proceeded with her words. She told me how her living with her stepmum was very difficult for her. She explained how her step mum was treating her bàdly. She explained how much she missed her mum everyday she woke up.

“Hmm” I hummed.

After the closing hour, I couldn’t go home straight. I went to one of our neighbor’s hous, resting.

When it was just thirty minutes for my Dad to return back from work, I left the place to home.

Bòla, My step mum, was in her room.

Though I was still young then but I was very smart when I was still a young girl. My biological mum,when she was alive, would always call me “an adult woman in a teenager age”.

I don’t even know if that was a compliment or an abūse, But I would grin and smile broadly.

So I went to Bola, my step mum, in her room. I knocked the door and she opened the door for me.

“My mum, please what did daddy do to you? And what’s the mission you said you wanted to accomplish. I don’t understand please? ” I asked her, while kneeling down, after greeting her morally.

She just laughed out w!ckedly just like a w!tch.

“Your Dad has stepped on a snàkè and it’s then compulsory for the snàkè to bite him mercilèssly” She said, as she closed her laughing mouth suddenly.

I was more serious this time, So I asked

“How please? ” I asked.

She turned back to me and said.

“On this matter your mother d!ed on. She paid for what she didn’t buy. Stay away from this, little Girl” she said.

I was shocked.

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