Episode 17

Peter was able to crack in jokes to ease my mom nerves and we laughed it over. The gate opened and we left the room to see who’s coming in.

A Camry and a jeep drove in and my dad came out from the Camry with 3 men while the woman came out from the jeep.

“There are here, Peter said and we went out to meet them.

“Hey Joan, feeling better? The woman asked and I nodded while my dad only looked at me saying nothing then I recognized the police man I suspected last night and my countenance changed.

I wanted screaming but my dad was using his eyes to pass a message to me,

“So you’re the kidnapped Joan, welcome back, the suspected officer said to me.

“Thank you, I said keeping cool.

“So how did you get released from them? He asked.

“Well I escaped, I replied.

“Do you at least know the path or road you came out from? He asked.

“Honestly i can’t remember anything one bit, and if i did i would have screamed it out, I replied.

“Why so? He asked.

“Looks like i passed out and was helped out by someone, that’s it, I replied and he nodded.

“What’s the next plan now? We don’t know their whereabouts and the only one that could tell us that is dead, what now? And why are we here by the way? The officer asked.

“Oh that? Didn’t your superior tell you? The woman asked.

“Tell me what? He asked.

“I asked for officers to help guard the house till the next morning, that’s why you’re all are here, the woman replied.

“At least we should have been informed, another said.

“Sorry it was urgent and we are in dire need of that. Don’t worry I’ll pay, the woman said.

“Okay fine, the officer said but i looked at the suspected one and saw he wasn’t pleased with what the woman said.

I walked up to my dad who was standing with an officer,

“Keep your eyes on him okay, watch his every move, i heard my dad said.

“What’s going on? I asked my dad.

“Joan let’s go, my dad took my hand walking away from the officer he was standing with.

“I’ll be back with Joan soon, my dad shouted to everyone,

“Joan wait! My mom said and came to us when we were close to the gate.

“Bring my daughter back, don’t take her to the danger she escaped from please, my mom whispered to him.

“We will be back i promise, my dad said tapping her on the shoulder and i saw fear and confusion written on my mom face as i left with my father without saying a word to her.

But waiting outside was a car and i recognized police officers in it.

“This looks like a plan to me, i said when we got into the car.

“Yes and you just proved i have a smart daughter, thanks for playing cool back there but we had to do a little trick to keep the cop away from important information and also to curtail his move just in case he plans to meet with them today, my dad said.

“Sounds good but you took him home to where mom is, what if he sends a message to them? I asked.

“Every officer there gat their eyes on him, he’s been monitored so have no fear, my dad replied and I heaved.

“Okay if that is it, Is it just 5 of us going? Where’s the driver? I asked.

“They are already on their way to the place, we will meet with them soon, my dad replied and i nodded.

“Smart arrangements though, i said cleaning my face.

“So Joan will you be able to trace the place? We really need to get those craps, an officer said.

“The guy who helped me from there drove about 15 minutes on full speed before dropping me off.

We came out from a bushy area, I replied.

“The area is a bushy one, we need to know the exact place to avoid complications, another officer said.

“It was a crooked path with dirty yellow waters, i said.

“Most roads has that description considering the season we are in. We need a better clue,, an officer said and i scratched my head and closed my eyes thinking hard.

“Joan take it easy, probably when you get there you may remember something that can lead us to them, my dad said and i nodded.

We met with 2 other cars on the way and we stopped at a place where i could recognize the store i hid that night.

“That’s right, i was hiding here before he picked me up, i confirmed pointing at the store.

“Okay, then we have approximately 15minutes drive to the place right? An officer asked and I nodded……… we hit the road again.

I became so anxious and scared at the same time,

“What if i didn’t get it right? What if something goes wrong? I kept asking myself swallowing gallons of saliva with my palm itching.

“So miss are you watching? An officer asked and i nodded. Truly the area is bushy with the same kind of road, how will i know where i came out from? I asked myself shaking because at that point we may return disappointed.

“Its about 12 minutes we’ve been driving yet you’ve said nothing, an officer said looking at me and i fearfully looked at my dad which he touched me to make me calm probably.

“Maybe we haven’t reached the place, my dad replied them.

“Its obvious she doesn’t know the place with the way she’s so quiet, we should have known better, an officer said quite angry and we saw a path again just like others, but this time there was a little rift like a car pushed in pressure to drive past and i remembered something.

That night Ebuka escaped with me, the car had difficulty in passing and he struggled which the tires screeched at the back in the process,

“stop we’ve passed! I shouted and the driver stopped immediately.

“I can’t be wrong about this, the path we just passed is where we came out from, i said and the driver reversed back immediately which the other cars who drove behind us followed suit.

My heart was beating fast as we danced through the crooked road, and what made it more scary was it was evening and soon everywhere will be dark.

“Can Joan go back now? My dad asked.

“She’s not done yet because this is all a guess work, don’t worry she will be fine, an officer answered.

“That was not the deal, you promised you will send her back when she discovers the path that will lead to them, and what if this is the exact place? my dad asked.

“Nothing will happen to her okay i promise, she is safe, the cop said.

“You better be sure about that, i promised her mom i will bring her back, my dad said and i sighted the store i hid when i first escaped,

“We are not far from the place, we will soon be there, i shakily said looking at my dad and the officers immediately cocked their weapons ready while my dad held me tight………..

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