Episode 16

I didn’t know when I dropped the call and my mom got the phone from me,

“How come? I thought Dad was with him? I asked my mom but she shook her head and dialed my dad number and he picked up.

“I know you’ve heard, my dad said when he picked up.

“But you said you were with him, what happened? My mom asked.

“Dear he was stubborn to speak and again weak with the wound on him. So we decided not to stress him and we left, he replied.

“Did he really killed himself or someone did? I asked.

“Joan he strangled himself with the drip, we found it wrapped on his neck, my dad replied.

“Could he have killed himself? I don’t want to believe that,someone must have done that so he won’t expose a lot of things about the gang, I said.

“Joan the whole situation is annoying, first the cops lost the criminals and only God knows what will happen next, no one has a clue, my dad said and i rubbed my head so worried.

“Its okay love, just come back safe alright, my mom said.

“Okay, call Peter and tell him to return home, he said.

“i will, she said and dropped the call looking at me as i paced round.

“Joan can you remember anything at all? Only you can help now you know, she said and i stopped.

“Mom it was dark and the road was lonely, how I’m i suppose to know when i was tired and and and…….. “Its okay Joan, my mom cut in when i was finding words.

“No its not okay, they will come after me again and that doesn’t make it okay to me, i said and sat down bowing my head.

“That will never happen okay, if they are sensible enough they should be on a hideout and not coming after you, my mom said touching me and i raised my head remembering something.

“You know mom, if dad Can call the driver number who helped me out. If he can remember where he picked me from, i think i can trace where Ebuka came out from, I said.

“Oh Joan you’re a prodigy! My mom shouted and dialed my Dad number immediately.

“I know right, i said smiling.

“Don’t be too flattered, my mom said and my dad picked up.

“Yes, he said.

“Joan just said something now, do you still have the driver number who helped her last night? She asked.

“Yes yes why? He asked.

“that’s because……… “If he can remember where he picked me up, i think I can trace where i came out from, i cut in.

“Great! Let me find out from him, my dad said and dropped the call and my brother walked in.

“You’re finally awake? He asked after greeting.

“You didn’t want her to be awake or what? Mom asked.

“Because i want to sleep mine now, she was just hitting me the whole night, Peter said.

“Night or morning? Oh i was hitting you now huh? Let’s talk about how you snore bad, i said.

“You wish. So what’s the turn up of events? Any good news? He asked.

“Not yet, mom replied.

“What! Why should it be difficult when we have someone in our custody to get what we want? he asked.

“Well he’s dead, i replied and Peter began to laugh.

“You’re joking right? I mean i want him dead too but not yet, how did he die? He asked.

“Probably killed by those who want him shut up for life, i replied.

“You must be kidding me, Peter said and my dad call came on phone which my mom gave it to me.

“Hello dad, i picked up.

“Joan i just called him, and yes he can remember where he picked you, he said.

“Wow, that’s cool, i know my eyes were busy i can get something, i said.

“Yes but the police are asking if you’re fit to go now? He asked and my mom eyes bulged out.

“Wait, now? Like today? Common is it safe for Joan knowing the situation out there? My mom got the phone from me.

“Dear you know i cant risk Joan, the men i am with now, Steve trusts them, he said.

“Ya same way Steve trusted his partner but got shot, Peter said.

“Peter, my dad called out.

“Yes dad, he replied.

“Shut up! my dad said and he nodded.

“Joan get prepared we are Coming to pick you, my dad said and dropped the call and it was my mom turn to get worried.

“I don’t get it, can’t the police do it without you? What if you didn’t come out of there? How did we even get to this point? My mom kept asking questions while Peter and I only watched saying nothing.

“Why are you two not saying something! Mom angrily asked after talking to herself for a while and Peter coughed.

“Well i wanted to but dad said i should shut up, Peter replied and i heaved.

“Mom, i thought you earlier said i was the only one to help? I asked.

“Yes, but not you going with them, is there no other way? What if there will be exchange of fire? She asked.

“Mommy i understand you perfectly but just calm down okay and remember dad will be there with me, he wont put me in danger, i said.

“uhmmmm i think she’s right, just calm down, Peter added and my mom weakly looked at us and sat down still anxious………….

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