Episode 4

My parents did all they could to stop the policemen, but all their effort was nothing as they drove me off with them.

In the car I was only crying and shivering,

“How did I involved myself in this? I kept asking myself wishing Friday never existed.

We got to the station and I saw 2 other girls that served on that evening, but Favour was not among us.

“Where’s Favour? I mean the girl you saw me with that evening? I asked one of the girls there.

“It wasn’t long they released her, she was here with us all through yesterday, the girl replied.

“Yesterday? Why are you still here then? I asked.

“Just waiting to be bailed, she replied.

“Okay its only about the bailing right? For i know i didn’t do anything, I said.

“That’s left for them to decide, the girl said and stood up from where she sat when a man walked in.

I cleaned my face and bent my head still not understanding what’s going on.

“Just calm down Joan, after all you’re innocent you’ll be bailed out too, I assured myself and a police man took me to a room.

I was questioned and threatened, and that made me more scared.

“You don’t want to say the truth right? Do You want me to destroy your face now! A man shouted and I was so confused.

“Please I’ve said all I know, I innocently helped my friend out that day, I didn’t do anything, I said.

“Innocently helped out huh? You sneaked in dressing as one of them to do such an important task, then you quickly let when your deal was done huh? A man asked.

“That’s not true, ask my friend Favour, she brought me in, I replied.

“Who paid you? Another man asked keeping a stern face.

“No one, no one please believe me, I replied and he smiled keeping a laptop in front of me then I knew I was in deep shit.

From the video they saw me putting my index finger in a glass and I was the one who served the late Man.

“We got this from the CCTV camera but before then someone confessed she saw you putting in something in a drink, and we confirmed it with this. Are you going to say the truth now! One of the men shouted hitting the table and I instantly urinated crying hard.

“Please please I did nothing. Yes I remember putting my finger in the glass because my friend told me to have a look in the glass if it’s clean. I held no substance right? I asked.

“Oh you’re still asking? A man asked back.

“Please I’m innocent, I did nothing I beg you, I replied shivering.

“You’re not ready to talk huh? Looks like you don’t know what you’re into now, you won’t get away with this, take her away! A man commanded and I was dragged out.

I stayed in the cell praying all kind of prayers and wished to see my parents but I saw none.

Life was so miserable in there and a woman walked into the place.

I stood up with all hopes, thinking she is here to help me out,

“So you killed my husband? Was what I heard from her and my heart skipped and I shook my head.

“No ma, no ma please I didn’t do anything. I only served ma, I replied holding the gate tight and she smiled.

“You’re so young baby girl, don’t do this to yourself. Just make this easy and tell us who sent you to poison him, and i promise you I’ll let you go, the woman said and my lips were shaking.

“No one, no one ma please believe me! I cried out and she stretched out her hand and held me on my Shirt.

“Your tears won’t safe you. If no one sent you, then you did it all alone. I’m sure you must be one of my husband jealous side chicks, is this your revenge or something! She shouted and I shook my head fearfully.

“I promise you, you will pay for this! She shouted letting me go and walked away.

I slowly squatted with tears streaming down my face. I didn’t know what to do and everything was becoming scary every moment that passes.

I didn’t know when I slept off but heard the Gate opened and I woke up.

“Get up! A man shouted and I stood up following him out, there i saw my family with a man i know as a lawyer.

Their sight broke my heart as i stood so ashamed of myself.

I’ve failed them, and seeing my mom so hurt made me more miserable.

“Sweetheart what are they doing to you? My mom asked touching my face as fresh tears rushed down and she hugged me crying profusely.

“We will get you out of here okay, my dad said touching me.

“Dad I didn’t do anything I swear, I said.

“I know dear, I know my daughter, he said.

“But please what happened that day? This is a very serious case and they are taking it to court. There is also a witness against you and a video where you served the man yourself, please tell Me all you know so I can help you out, the lawyer said and I sniffed.

“Favour asked for my help in school that her cousin who came down from Cameroon is attending a party and she put in Favour to help serve. I accepted to help…… “Sorry, who is Favour to you? The lawyer cut in.

“My friend, we are in the same class, I replied.

“Okay, go on, the lawyer said.

“When I got home I saw my mom going out for her job, so I used that as an opportunity to attend the party. I arrived there and Favour took me in to where the drinks and everything were. I only served drinks, particularly wine……. “What did your friend served? My mom cut in.

“Favour only handed trays to me to serve, I replied.

“You mean she was the one who pours in the wine for you? The lawyer asked.

“Yes, I replied.

“How is she then the one who poisoned him? My mom asked.

“Calm down Ma, right now there’s a video saying otherwise, the lawyer replied.

“The video only saw her putting her index finger not her poisoning him, my brother came in.

“And the video showed her serving him, why him and only him? The lawyer asked and they looked at me.

“Beside is that the only video they found from the CCTV? My brother asked.

“Good question, that video is so improper, I’ll ask for the full tape tomorrow, the lawyer replied and I bowed my head.

“And again i need to see this your friend, the lawyer continued.

“I’ll take you to her, my brother said.

“Yes, she needs to answer some questions, the lawyer said nodding and my mom touched me.

“Be strong okay, you will get through this, my mom said.

“Mom I’m scared, why me? I asked raising my head.

“I don’t know, maybe this is your own experience for you to learn, my mom replied and an officer approached us.

“Okay we have to go now. We managed to pull few strings to see you, my dad said and I shook my head fearfully. I didn’t want them to go and i held my mom hand tight crying,

“Mommy please don’t go, I said but my dad was holding my mom as the officer dragged me away.

“I’ll come back for you, please be strong! I heard my mom shouting………….

The next day I woke up feeling cold and sick. Seeing myself still in the cell made it worst, i thought it was a bad dream but it was so real.

I was suppose to go to school but here I am in deep shit.

A lot of thought came to my head. I thought about my family, school and how I’ll be declared innocent in such a serious case.

My head felt like cracking open with all of it and an officer was seen coming holding something.

He opened the gate and pushed in a plate that contained bread and watery beans with sachet water and locked the gate and left.

I closed my eyes and opened to be sure if that was kept for me Joan or a homeless dog on the street – for my dog at home eats well.

I was feeling hungry already but the sight of the food made me burst out in tears and i stood up hitting the gate shouting.

Two officers came running to see what’s going on,

“What’s wrong with you? One asked.

“I’m hungry please and my body stinks, I replied and the other burst out laughing.

“Shebi na your papa house be this abi you see house boy here? The other asked.

“Please na my stomach is empty and i can’t eat this, I replied weakly leaning on the wall and I saw one of the men who questioned me yesterday approached.

“What happened? He asked the officers.

“She just started shouting o that she’s hungry when there is food inside, one replied him.

“Open the gate, the man said and they quickly did.

He walked in looking at me as i weakly weighed on the wall,

“Let’s make a deal, I’ll give you a good meal and change you up for a price, he said.

“What’s that please? I asked.

“The truth, he replied and i nodded.

“Good girl, come with me, he said going out and i followed him behind.

I took my bath and changed up and had something better to eat. I felt alive though not happy and the man walked into the room i was,

“So are you okay now? He asked and i nodded.

“Good, so our deal. Is there anything i need to know now? He asked.

“But i told you all yesterday, I didn’t poison anybody and that’s the only truth i know, I replied and he angrily looked at me and stood up holding my jaws tight.

“Stop trying my patience little girl, don’t let me show you the other me! he shouted.

“The case is being taken to court right? Just imagine if I’m proved innocent what will you do? I am innocent and that’s all i know! I boldly said and he quietly looked at me.

“Take her away, he said and the officers came dragging me out back to the cell…………

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