Episode 2

The door opened as I laid on my bed and my mom slowly walked in,

“Sweetheart, she called out but I didn’t reply.

My head was badly aching and my eyes so teary. I felt the effect of the hit now and was having fever already. My mom held me up and dropped a first aid box on the floor,

“Sweetheart you know I want the best for you, but as your mother I don’t like that girl, she said and I sniffed.

“Why mom? What has she done? Or maybe its a crime for me to have a friend right? I asked.

“No darling, just that when I remember what that girl you called a friend did to you I don’t just trust anyone else because I don’t want my baby to be hurt again. Honey there are no friends, my mom said touching me.

“Mom not everyone is the same, Favour is like a sister to me and she’s definitely not like Esther. Mom can we just end this discussion already? I’m so sick, I said and she nodded.

“Okay but please in the name of God I am begging you, avoid anywhere fight is going on whether Favour is involved or not. And I don’t think you’ll be going to school tomorrow, my mom said opening the box and I suddenly remembered Favour cousin.

“No mom I have to, we are having test tomorrow, I lied and my mom heaved.

“So it can’t be missed? She asked.

“Mom I can manage, but I think I need drugs and not this. My classmates treated it already in school, I said as she cut a cotton wool.

“I know but their treatment is not good enough, and don’t worry your brother left already to get drugs for you. Please try to be careful so you won’t ruin your face for me, my mom said………..

The next day I woke up checking my face to see the bruise so obvious. I tried falling my hair to my face but it couldn’t cover it up and my mom walked in.

“What are you doing? She asked.

“Trying to cover this up, but I can’t, I replied very frustrated and she smiled dropping makeups on the table.

“Seriously? I asked and my mom laughed.

“Just a little makeup there common, she replied.

“Mom I’m going to school, I said.

“I know but its just on the affected area, I won’t let you leave the house with this face no way. So sit down and let your makeup artist do the job, she said and I rolled my eyes and sat down.

The door opened and my brother walked in,

“When will you ever knock before entering a lady room? My mom asked.

“Who is the lady? Is she going for a pageant? My brother asked.

“Just shut up, my mom replied concentrating on what she was doing.

“Well your Favour friend is waiting outside, he said.

“Oh tell her I’ll be out soon, I said.

“Tell her yourself, he said and left and I quickly took my phone but my mom took it away from me.

“Stop distracting me, she sternly said and I sighed.

Soon she was done and I thanked her and hurriedly took my bag and left first.

I met with Favour outside and quickly apologized for keeping her waiting,

“Wow your face is already healed or? Favour asked checking it out.

“Well my mom used makeup to do the magic, common let’s go, I replied dragging her as we were running late.

In class I reminded Favour about her cousin but she told me there’s a change of plan,

“Why? what happened? I asked.

“Well she said she won’t be around, but there’s a party this night she will like us to attend. And she said I will help in serving drinks there, of course I’ll be paid something, Favour replied.

“Oh I see, sadly I won’t be seeing her then, I said and she looked at me.

“Where is that coming from? Please don’t get me upset, She said.

“You know Favour I can’t go, don’t stress it, I said.

“And why? Because you’re mommy girl huh? Tell me about it, she angrily said and I noticed Prisca was looking at us.

“Keep your voice low, I said to Favour.

“No I won’t, and I was thinking you’ll help out in the servings too, looks like I’ll be doing it on my own, Favour said.

‘On your own? But there will be others right? I asked.

“Let’s not be too sure, its a big party and we need hands but you know they won’t want to employ more hands…. Greediness, Favour replied and I looked at her scratching my head.

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She needs my help but I have a problem. My mom will bluntly refuse when Favour is involved, and there’s no lie I can use to sneak out,

“Girlfriend please help out na, Favour said touching me and i nodded.

“I’ll try my best but its not a promise, I said.

“I know you will, thanks darling. Let’s eat please I’m starving, She said bringing out a flask.

“Uhmmm what do you have today? I asked as she gave me a spoon.

“Check it out, she said opening the flask………………

I got home after school and saw my mom about going out,

“Where to now I’m back? I asked after greeting her.

“I have to attend to a client now. Its kind of an emergency, fortunately her makeup artist disappointed her and her birthday is today, so I’m already late. But there’s food for you and your brother, he’s not back from lectures, she replied hurriedly arranging her makeup box.

“Okay, looks like you’ll come home late today right? I asked so happy inside of me.

“Ermmm I don’t know yet, but take care of the house and don’t forget your drugs. Okay see ya, my mom replied and left and i jumped up and ran to my room to change up.

I called up Favour telling her the good news,

“Great, please be there by 4pm. Sorry I won’t be able to pick you up, she said.

“No problem, till then okay, bye, I happily said and dropped the call and went through my clothes I’ll wear for tonight………

Before leaving the house I called my brother to confirm if he’s coming back soon but he didn’t pick up.

I locked the door keeping the key under the foot mat and fled to the venue.

I called up Favour and she came out meeting me dressed on cooperate,

“Oh thank God you’re dressed on cooperate too, come in there’s a lot to be done, she said dragging me in as i saw many big men and women in the society.

“Why is your cousin in such a party anyway? I asked.

“No questions please, Favour replied as we arrived a table where all kinds of drinks, wine and juice are.

“Okay, work starts now, Favour said and i nodded.

My phone began to ring at past 5pm and i knew my brother is back,

“Favour i need to go now, I said.

“Common you just came and you can’t leave me now na please, Favour said and I ignored the call.

“Let me have your phone please, Favour said and I gave her the phone and took a tray to go serve.

I didn’t remember my phone or had any call or checked the time, all I knew was I enjoyed the party where I was with Favour partaking in the drink while we served.

But everything got interrupted when a great shout was heard at a corner.

I dropped the glass of wine and ran there with Favour and others to see a man on the floor shaking seriously.

“What did you give to him? Please help! A lady who was with him shouted and suddenly bouncers began clearing the area and rushed him out.

I was so frightened as the party scattered and i looked at Favour,

“Was he poisoned? I shakily asked.

“Who knows? He may be epileptic or something don’t bother, she replied.

“No please i have to go, where’s my phone? I asked and she gave it to me.

I saw missed calls from my brother and mom and it got me more scared,

“Favour bye my mom will be so worried, I said. “Okay girlfriend, thanks for helping out, she said and I hurriedly left…………

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