Episode 6

My legs were shaking and my hands shivering as the man brought out his phone. I almost fainted with anxiousness and the man shook his head,

“Joan put yourself together. This is the conversation when we initially questioned her with the other girls, the man said and played the recording.

“So you are among the girls who served drinks in the party right? A man asked.

“Yes, I heard Favour replied.

“Okay, and I was told a strange girl was with you, who is she? A man asked.

“She wanted help and was expecting to have little cash when I get paid. So I agreed that she should hang around with me to serve while I pour in the drinks for her because I was tutored before the party, she replied.

“So can you explain to me how that Man died? Because the lady with him said he didn’t taste any food there, that he fell after drinking from what you girls served him, a man asked.

“Ahh sir I never served, I only gave the tray to the girl which other glasses was in there, I can’t kill even a fly, she replied.

“Shut up then who did! If everyone is saying its not me then who did! A man angrily shouted.

“Sir I don’t know how to say this, Favour said.

“You Better start saying what you know, the man said.

“Sir… Sir ermmm though i was not sure but I think I saw Joan putting something in a glass. She said.

“Who’s Joan? The girl? The man replied.

“Yes, but she told me she wanted taking something from the glass that an insect fell in or something, she replied.

“I see and what did you do? The man asked.

“I never thought she could do such a thing sir, I wasn’t expecting it, she replied.

“Really? What was her reaction when he fell? He asked.

“She was shaking and hurriedly went home without waiting to get the pay. Besides her phone was constantly ringing which I don’t know who was calling, but she left immediately the bouncers cleared the area, she replied.

“Why should we believe what you’re saying? The man asked.

“Because its the truth, I never trust that girl but I only wanted to help though I didn’t know she will do such a thing. Maybe she had an intention already about that man that she used me to get in so she will carry out her evil act. She’s fond of sugar daddies, who knows what he did to her, Favour replied.

“We are still waiting for the CCTV footage and if there’s no truth in what you said, you all will be back here. But for now i need her address, the man said and Favour quickly called it out.

“Please punish her for her doings, don’t let her get away with it maybe it will teach her some lessons. Ahhhh Joan, why did you do this to me? I heard Favour said and began to cry.

“Its okay, will you be bold enough to testify this in court? The man asked.

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‘Of course why not? Joan is a runs girl, and she is capable of doing this. If the CCTV turns out to be what I just said, then I will testify, she replied.

There I broke down in tears that the late man wife held me from falling off from the chair.

“Please I don’t want to hear anymore, please I don’t want to hear anymore, I cried on the woman and the man ended the recording.

“I’m sorry Joan, the man said.

“I cant believe this, we play together, we eat together, we share things together and this is what i get? Where did I go wrong? What did i do? I asked.

“What will you say if i played the recording Prisca gave to me? Do you know this bruise on your face was not an accident? It was a deliberate blow Favour gave targeting your eyes after all it would have been called accident, but God was loving enough to safe you. That’s the friend you were proud of, I’m sorry Joan, the man said and i was finding it difficult to breathe.

“Joan just stop okay, I know its painful but I think its for the best. You don’t trust people that much these days because we don’t know the content of people hearts. Also you don’t need to quarrel or do anyone wrong for the person to hate or harm you, humans sometimes are just naturally wicked that we have to be careful, the woman said.

“What is going to happen now? Is she the killer? I asked.

“Tomorrow morning you’ll be released, I’ll call your parents to come pick you up and Favour will take your place instead. She is going to vomit the truth in the hard way, don’t worry about it, the man replied and i nodded.

“Can you please do me a favour? I asked.

“Anything, the man replied.

“Please I want to be there when she will be talking, I just want to see that betrayal face of hers, I said.

“Are you sure about that? The woman asked.

“Yes please, I replied.

“You know what Joan, go take your rest and worry no more. You’ve been freed, I’ll call your parents and drop every charges, the woman said.

“Thank you so much ma, thank you, I said and she tapped me as i slowly left the room back to the cell.

I laid on the foam crying bitterly as everything I shared with my best friend came playing.

I had her back now and then, and without her in school my day is ruined.

“How could you do this to me! How could you Favour! I screamed throwing anything I saw hitting my self on the wall that the officers came running to open the Gate.

I was already bleeding on my arm but it could not be compared to the one in my heart, why is it always my friends hurting me?

The only friend I had then before meeting Favour pretended to be ill and i took her home during the break period.

I was so scared and worried for her and left to get her some tablets from the chemist.

Getting home she was not where i left her, suddenly a man entered and closed the door.

I was shocked and asked about my friend, not worried for myself.

But he told me to look for him instead and worry not for my friend for she has excused us so we can have fun.

I thought he was joking and attempted to leave, but he held me just to force me on bed.

I was just in my junior secondary 2 so very young. I screamed with every voice in me struggling with a man old enough to birth me.

Luckily a neighbor walked in and heard my screams and began hitting the door.

I was already undressed despite the hard time I gave him and he knew he couldn’t do anything, he escaped through the other door and I opened up.

The woman walked in and helped me dressed and my body was reddish with scratches and how hard he pinned his fists on me.

Esther planned all along to give me out to her lustful neighbor for 3,000 naira.

My parents made sure they made them pay and changed me from the school, that’s how i met Favour.

Though that experience with Esther made me not to interact closely with anybody, but some how Favour played her way through me and i embraced her as a friend and a sister i never had despite my mom didn’t like the idea of having a best friend.

But that same friend wanted putting me in jail for a crime i didn’t commit. I was treated as a criminal, separated from my parents and school just because of Favour.

The pains in my heart was just too much as i was held down so my arm can be treated.

No wonder David said in the bible,

“For it is not an enemy who reproaches and taunts me–then I might bear it; nor is it one who has hated me who insolently vaunts himself against me–then I might hide from him.

But it was you, a man my equal, my companion and my familiar friend”

“Ahh mom you were so very correct, I’m sorry mom, I weakly said……


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