Episode 8

My parents followed the case up and they got to know Favour cousin fled to hide.

“How did she know about this when we tried to make this hidden? The late man wife asked.

“There’s only one answer to that question, there’s an informer among us, my dad replied and the woman eyes bulged out.

“Informer? She asked.

“Yes. We acted wisely to avoid suspicion, now who told her we were coming to arrest her? The kind officer thought about it.

“Whoever that is, he or she should better get prepared for me, the woman angrily said.

“You know what, for now we can only trust ourselves and any information we have should just be within us, my dad said.

“If what you’re saying is true, then I need to keep a close eye among the officers, the kind officer said.

“I can give you a clue, can you remember the officer that gave you the corrupted tape? My mom asked.

“Uhmmm not really, the officer replied.

“If we can know the person who gave you the tape, I think we are not far from the informer of the murderer, my mom said and the woman nodded.

“Fine! We are going to keep a close eye and our mouth shut on important issues, and hope we get whoever it is fast, the woman said when she visited us at home.

We talked about other things and they left after eating lunch with us.

The next day I was returning home from school with my class mates…… I don’t like entering the cab when going home, I always see it fun to walk back home despite Favour was no longer with me. My parents talked about it severally and got tired leaving me to my choice.

At a point my class mates parted and it was just me, though I was close to the house.

A car drove and suddenly parked calling on me but I kind of ignored,

“Please girl can I ask a question? A guy who sat at the front asked and I went close to the car.

“Where can I get….. The rear door opened and I was pushed into the car before he finished. I saw an handkerchief was placed on my nose and I passed out.

I woke up tied up lying on the floor and my head was still spinning terribly.

The room was kind of dark as it was evening already but no one was there,

“Where are you Joan? I asked myself like I was able to answer the question.

I decided not to scream but struggled to get up when I noticed my legs were not tied.

I went to the window and saw the area was an uncompleted building and I left going to the door when I heard footsteps coming.

I ran back to where I got up from and laid down with my eyes closed and the door opened,

“Ahh this girl still dey sleep? Abi you put overdose for the handkerchief ni? See as you dey waste something, A voice said.

“Which kind talk be that? I be small pikin wey just dey start? She suppose wake by now na, another voice said and kicked me but I remained calm.

“Maybe her body system no carry am, tomorrow morning she go wake make we go, the one who kicked me said and I noticed someone entered the room.

“This mumu still dey sleep? Make una wake am na, i no bring am here to come sleep nonsense, A lady voice said and I recognized it to be Favour cousin.

“You know all this ajebota children, e be like the drugs too strong for am, the first voice said.

“You don search am? The lady asked.

“Yes o, but she no carry phone, wetin you go do? The first voice asked.

“At least she go sabi the parents number for head no wahala, she replied and hissed.

“Na fu*k up be this na but i no get choice as e be so. Make I go since she never wake, we go see tomorrow, the lady said and left and they left too closing the door behind.

I opened my eyes and tried untying myself until I finally did.

I heard them laughing and talking outside then I tried the door handle to see they actually locked it. Ahhhh! I actually thought they only closed it but they proved they were not that stupid.

I slowly rubbed the place i was kicked hard and wondered why they want they talk with my parents.

“Oh oh oh, do they want my parents to release Favour in exchange for me? I asked myself and nodded because it was so obvious.

I began to scratch my head in confusion and felt a hair pin on my head.

In my school we were actually taught things outside the syllables like how to escape from a locked room and defend yourself.

I just smiled looking at the pin and returned to where I got up from waiting for them to probably sleep off or go out.

I heard footsteps coming and I took the untied rope wrapping it on my hand and laid down with my eyes closed.

The door opened and they checked on me pointing a torch light,

“Omoh! No be small sleep she dey sleep, the one who kicked me said.

“Guy i don go chop o, you no go come? The other asked.

“Abi na only you get belle to chop? Make we go joor, he replied and they closed the door and left. I stood up throwing the rope from my hand and squatted by the door using the pin on the key hole.

The room was getting very dark but I had to do something and was careful not to make too much sounds, just in case there are others because i heard different voices around.

Only God knows how many minutes I spent dancing in the keyhole in the dark, and the door opened.

I cleaned the sweat I was covered with already and gently walked out closing the door behind.

I heard a voice inside one of the rooms and I took off my sandals leaving my socks on and went down passing under the window.

I saw they were not the only ones there, there were different uncompleted buildings were different group of guys were smoking and drinking.

Fear gripped me as i didn’t know whether to return back to the room or risk it.

I just leaned myself on the wall breathing hard and i noticed a kind of disagreement in the building i was just close with.

“Jesus! Where will i go now? I asked scared knowing they were coming out and any step from where I stood I’ll be seen whether forward or backward.

I quickly went down thanking God the colour of my uniform wasn’t that obvious in the dark.

Before i knew it a loud hit was passed to the younger one and he let a shout out…… Boom! They began a serious fight.

“Ahhhhh wahala! for I knew I could be seen because guys came out with torches and that was a very bad news to me. I threw myself to a corner like a paper carried by air, unfortunately or fortunately for me the place smells terribly for that’s where they urinate.

I was choking with the odour that can likely raise the dead as the guys kept shouting all over the place separating them.

But in the midst of their argument, I heard my kidnappers voice.

“Oh no! I almost shouted knowing soon I’ll be noticed missing.

Then I knew I had to leave that place somehow, for someone may likely want to urinate with all their drinking and smoking.

I peeped at them from where i was and it was like a whistle was blown calling them out from their holes.

They all gathered at the place the fight was and I heaved in, a guy with a strong voice was seriously addressing them but that was not my business. I closed my eyes tight,

“Joan, its now or never! I said to myself ready to risk it and escape for my life……..


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