Episode 15

We got to the woman place and the gate opened for us with just a horn from my dad.

We drove in and saw her waiting for us and we parked and came out,

“Hey Cynthia so sorry for the stress, she said hugging my mom first and drew me close.

“How are you Joan? I’m so happy to see you after Steve told us what the kidnappers said, the woman said.

“I didn’t even notice I gave Steve number out, I was so in pains that I didn’t realize, I said.

“Its okay please come in, it’s been a long night for you all, She said and we slowly went in.

“I already arranged a spare room where you will spend the night, the woman said when we arrived at the sitting room.

“Thank you so much, I couldn’t think of anyone to call at a short notice, my dad said to her.

“We are So sorry for the troubles, my mom added.

“No no no not a problem, besides I think I dragged your family into this mess, she said.

“Your husband did, my brother angrily said and we looked at him.

“yea he’s right, he brought this mess to us, the woman said and i yawned.

“Please let me show you to the room, the woman said leading the way.

“First can I please have a hot water? My mom asked.

“Sure, for a warm bath? She asked.

“No for Joan, she’s hurt, my mom replied and i rolled my eyes.

“Mom we can do that in the morning….. Its almost morning already and my eyes are d, I said.

“Its okay to sleep while i massage the spot for you, you’re in pains Joan, my mom said.

“What did they do to her? The woman asked.

“Favour cousin angrily hit me on my spine when she found out I gave Steve number when she requested for my dad, i replied.

“She found out from the betrayer we had right? The woman asked and opened up the preserved room for us and my brother walked in straight and laid on the extra foam he saw without wasting time.

“Yes, and i think there’s still more corrupted people in the system. Sometimes i wonder how safe we are when the people who were meant to protect us are soiled this much, my dad replied.

“I’ll look into it in the morning and know how far the intelligence department has gone with the tracking of that number. Don’t worry Joan they will all be brought to book and I’ll take you to the hospital for checkup, the woman said.

“Thanks ma, i said.

“You’re welcome, I’ll go bring the hot water, she said.

“I’ll go with you, but before i return have a shower okay, you look like a forest duck, my mom said.

“Wow mom that was consoling enough thank you, I said and she smiled and left.

“How have you been dad? I asked my father who tiredly bowed his head but he only gave a weak smile.

“Go take a shower before your mom returns, he replied and i nodded and got into the bathroom………..

I woke up feeling so hungry and my mom walked in almost immediately,

“I think i slept too Long, I said cleaning my eyes.

“its okay you need it, your food is ready come eat it hot, my mom said and i slowly got up from the bed.

“I have to brush first mom, i said.

“Yea so i won’t perceive your mouth odour anymore, it smells like rotten egg, my mom said.

“First i looked like forest duck, now my mouth smells like rotten egg, Really mom? I asked and she laughed.

“Not too bad though, she replied and i went in with my toothbrush.

“Senior left for school? i asked while brushing.

“You know him nau, he cant miss it for anything even if the country is on fire, she replied.

“I miss mine so much, i can’t believe this is happening, i sadly said coming out.

“It will soon be over okay, now if your done taking out the egg flavour let’s go eat, she said and i smiled following her out.

“Any word from Steve? I asked.

“Yea he’s fine and they traced the number location, she replied.

“They did? Wow are they caught already? I asked.

“We are still hoping though, it wasn’t too long they left, she replied.

“Dad went with them? I asked.

“No no, he’s with Steve and the cops are interrogating the wounded idiot who attacked us. He was the one who confirmed the location of the criminals, she replied and we arrived at that dining.

“Oh God! I pray they get them please and I think the wounded man can also point out the corrupted officers, who knows the betrayers there may give them a hint of escape. I wonder how much those people slap on their face that made them this shameless, i said and my mom smiled sitting me down.

“Joan forget about them and eat your food so you’ll take the pain relieves i bought for you, she said.

“I thought I’ll be going to the hospital today? I asked.

“Your dad said you wont be out except the criminals get caught, he’s scared, my mom replied and i nodded.

“But i hope you can manage right? She asked.

“Yea it’s okay, I replied and opened the plate to see the food before me.

“Oh i missed this! I exclaimed.

“I know right, enjoy your meal, my mom said tapping me and was about to leave.

“Oh Where’s madam? I asked.

“She’s following up the case you know, she replied and i nodded………..

I was in the room when my mom walked in making a call,

“Yes she’s here, she said and handed the phone to me which i confusedly got it from her.

“Hello Joan, a male voice said on phone.

“Yes good morning….. Sorry good afternoon, I said.

“Its fine, can you remember the place you were last night? he asked.

“Wait! Don’t tell me you didn’t get them? I asked.

“Unfortunately it was a wrong location, if you can remember anywhere Close by it will help us, he replied.

“How I’m I to know? Why not squeeze it out from the useless officer? I asked.

“Well he took his own life, he replied.

“What! I shouted………..

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