Episode 10

With 5 solid hits from her, my dizziness and everything doubled. Favour cousin was more brutal than the guys and I saw the way they looked at her, probably they were surprised too.

She raised my face again to hers and I was dripping with mucus already.

“So I’m gonna repeat myself again, call out your father number, she said smiling and I knew I couldn’t withstand it.

I weakly nodded and she stood up,

“Good girl, I’m all ears, she said getting the phone from one of the guys and i called it out.

“Hello, a male voice came on phone.

“Yes Mr good morning to you. Is someone missing? She asked.

“Who’s speaking? The voice asked.

“Okay, I’ll go straight to the point. I have with me your loving daughter in my custody…… “What are you doing with her? The voice cut in.

“Hey chill. I only want my cousin back or else you won’t see her again, she replied.

“That’s impossible, I don’t have the case, the woman has it, the voice said.

“Who cares? I gat ears there and its possible to get my cousin from that shit hole, so are you in or not or do you want it to be an eye for an eye and a baby girl for a baby girl? She asked laughing wickedly.

“Don’t you dare hurt her, do you hear me! The voice sternly shouted.

“You have no say here, I can do with her whatever I want. Now listen carefully, if you involve the police in this or try to look for her, you’ll be in deep shit, she seriously said.

“What are you talking about, what will i say…… “You have 2 hours to give me a feedback, she cut in and dropped the call.

I was just lying on the ground breathing hard then she bent smiling at me,

“Don’t worry, you’ll see your best friend again, or are you not missing her? She asked.

“What are you going to do with me after this? I asked.

“Hummm good question. But I’m very sorry, I am still thinking about it, she replied and left the room and the guys followed closing the door behind.

I drew myself on the floor and leaned on the wall. I touched my face and it was bleeding already, then I raised my skirt to clean my leaking nose.

I saw a situation to cry but i couldn’t cry, all I wanted was water but I couldn’t find it.

Minutes later the door opened, and pap with just 1 bean cake was kept on the floor for me.

“What’s this? I asked the guy who kept it.

“You dey mad? The guy angrily replied and she walked in.

“Wetin she talk? She asked.

“She ask wetin be this o like say she no dey see again, he replied.

“Whats wrong baby? You need fried rice and chicken? She asked and I closed my eyes.

“Sorry dear, your friend Favour is eating watery beans every morning and evening, you’re more fortunate to see this as breakfast, now eat! She shouted and I opened my eyes.

“I need water, I said.

“There’s water in there, pap is water so you don’t need it because there’s no place for you to urinate here, she said.

“I need water else I’ll pass out, I need water! I tried to raise my voice.

“Give her the water na if she need am, Una too like long protocol, a guy I don’t know who was just passing by said.

“No mind your business o, shebi na your lane be this? She asked but he only hissed and passed.

“Give her the water joor, she said and left and the guy who dropped the food left too and returned with a sachet water.

I took it and gulped it down like it was my life, I never knew it was that important until I was in dire need of it.

That was when I properly saw the pap was with no sugar or milk and I shook my head,

“Joan you’ve suffered, I said and managed to eat up because I had no choice………..

I can’t tell if it was 2 hours already but the door opened and she walked in on call,

“Hi Mr, its 2 hours remember? She asked.

“Look, no matter what you do, you won’t escape this, the voice said.

“Are you still talking or do you want to see what i can do? You know I’m at advantage here, I can hurt your daughter but you can’t do anything to me, why not play wise, she said.

“What do you want me to do? I don’t have the case in my hands and the woman is bent on making you pay, how do you want me to pull Favour from their custody in a murder case? The voice asked.

“Oh please spare me the excuse! I know you can because you’re following the case up with her and the woman is already in love with Joan. Will she let anything to happen to her? She asked.

“Okay fine, the police will be involved in this, you already said I shouldn’t involve them, the voice said.

“The police has no right to be involved only except you put them in. Don’t try to play wise with me, I gat ears there and the more Joan remains here, the more you’ll be sorry. You better start pleading on Joan behalf now, she said.

“Why not surrender yourself and everyone will be at peace, your cousin will be set free if that’s what you want, the voice said and she burst out laughing.

“I’m very casual right? But you don’t know what I can do, but don’t forget i am watching you, she said and dropped the call then looked at me.

“Why is your father not worried about you?she asked.

“Every father will be worried for children like me and not you, I’m sure you don’t understand what it feels like to be worried for, I replied.

“I see you’ve eaten and your mouth is strong, enjoy your stay while it lasts, she said and left the room then I sighed.

But something is indeed very strange, the voice on phone does not sound like my father,

“Whose number did i give? I asked myself trying to remember the digits i called out.

I felt pressed and began knocking on the door but got no reply,

“I want to ease myself! I shouted but no one replied me despite I was hearing people voices outside.

“Ahhhh Joan! I screamed out and ran to a corner of the room and relieved myself.

Immediately I was done, just when I was about to sit down pitying myself of how i will endure the stench of my own urine, the door opened and the face from Favour cousin was just out of this world.

It was a good thing I eased myself else I would have released it on my body.

“Dear Joan, I’m not new to this game. I run it both here and Cameron and i planned of doing it cool with you but you have stepped on my toes twice now and I’m so sorry for you, she said and i looked more confused.

“What. What. Did i do? I asked.

“What did you do? She asked back and smiled.

“You heard me say the police should not be involved and you foolishly gave me a policeman number instead of your father number huh? She asked and my eyes bulged out.

“Is that so? Escaped from my mouth and it infuriated her more.

She held me and gave me a deep hit on my back that I heard my spine shriek.

I let out a shout falling on the ground and she raised her hand again but the guys held her,

“She go die o, one said as I rolled on the floor.

“Make she die na, who knows if they are investigating on the number I use call them, I wan match am face now! She shouted struggling with them but they still held her.

“No make the big man hear this thing o, come make we see how to solve this case else trouble go dey o, calm down first, the guys said.

“Wetin you dey talk? What if my ear there no hint us wetin dey happen, we for just dey here see them dey come, she angrily said.

“keep your voice low na make another ear no hear am. In fact Come make we discuss this thing in private, one said and they dragged her outside.

I laid there almost lifeless with the pains on my back,

“God help me, I managed to say…..

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