Episode 16


RITA: Doctor, what’s going on..( fearful manner)

The doctor shook his head and look up and said. ”she is dead.”
Rita: noo, this can’t be happening.

Me: baby , pls relax.

Rita: crying pls i need someone to fix this, hope you can do do
She couldn’t say the last word which was in her mouth before she fainted. I arranged for the transfer of the dead to the mortuary. They came and took her out of the hospital.

Although it was last, still yet we need to go home. After the long drive, we arrived home. I gently carried Rita who was already sleeping to the bed and layed her there…

”God what should i do, all this happened is entirely my fault, i shouldn’t have argeed to the proposal at the first place” INWARDLY..
In the early hours of the next morning 6:10am, the house was already full people who came to sympathize with us. We had to lie that she had an unknown disease which took her away from us unware… Just like in a conference center, cars was going out, at the same time, cars was also coming in.

The door gently opened, and a guy of my age steped into the large sitting room and said ” so this is true, so my mom is gone”… Rita rushed to David and gave him a very tight hug as she cried in his shoulder. David on his own side tried to be a man, but he couldn’t, he finally joined his sister in the crying… I went forward to where he was standing and also hugged him….. ” Welcome home bro” he managed to reply me back ” thanks”.
Little by little, the number of the sympathiees, was decreasing, finally, we were left all alone in the house……

David: congratulations, i couldn’t make it to ur weeding.

Me: thanks…

David: i think we should send rita to our maternal home..

Me: no, thats not a good idea, its better sheis here with us , and besides she is pregnant. I have to be here for her…

”Thanks Honey, you re the best”.

So David , u want me to go to my maternal home, so that mosquito will finish me and my baby kiiii ” Rita said from the upstairs.

David: i thought you were crying, how come?.

Rita: i cried when i needed to cry, and besides, she damaged her life.. By the ways, where is my weeding gift????

David: emmmmmmmmmm

Rita : don’t tell me , u didn’t buy me anything from abroad, infact , lemme go and check ur bags.

She left the room..
As for me, my conscience was still flogging me .. But i couldn’t say the truth because if i dare say it, it will be disastrous…..

David: chuks, chuks

Me: eh,

David: have called ur name over 10 times, i hope everything is alright?.

Me: yp, everything is ok…
After discussing some certain things with David, i went up to my room.
A new disease has been discovered byscientist, and the disease is airborne. Who ie WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION has recommended that all family should run a lab test in other to know who might be the carrier in the family…..

David: did anyone watched the news last night?

Me: actually, i know what you re talking about.. The airborne disease . Right??

David: yes.

Rita: have already called the family doctor, he will soon be here..

door opened
”just the doctor we were talking about” i said.

David: hope everyone is here with us??

Rita: wait, where is ekaetta,

Me: maybe still in her room. Jumbo go to her room and call her.
Jumbo was the valet in the house.
Jumbo: sir, here she is.

Me: where have you been,?

Ekaetta: have been sleeping.

Me: ok….

Rita: have noticed thats yu now act dull and dizzy.. Maybe you have malaria. Thank God the doctor is here.

Me: * Inwardly* wait a min, Dizziness sleeping dullness is equal to PREGNANT. another wahala ooh….

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