Episode 15

Me: hey, am finished, * inwardly* see where old p—y land me… Chai, wetin i go tell Rita, David?? , my mother nko… Chai, so i come lagos go impregnant my mother inlaw….My mother warned me ooh.. But i no listen……

Doctor: Mr chuks re you ok.

The doctor brought me out of my inward lamentation.

Me: yes sir , am ok. So what’s the effort so far?.

Doctor: according to our calculation, only the intervention of God might save her.

Me: chaiiiiiiiii, chuks am finished..

Doctor: but we will try our possible best.

Me: doctor, pls do everything you can do, i don’t want her to die.. Bu-t doc ooh, what about the foetus, is the foetus dead??

Doctor: ya,i actually, we completed the abortion, but in the process , she collapsed.

And i warned her about it…

A nurse rushed in, ”doctor doctor, the patient in ward2 , is breathing heavily”..

Me: chineke , thats my mother inlaw ooh..

We rushed out of the doctor’s office.
Ongetting there , Rita was already inside room, sitting beside her mom , with a well of tears running down from her eyes.

Me:: honey, what happened..

Rita: you b—h ,where have yu been… She said with q very hot and strange voice.

  • my mind skipped a bit thinking that her mother have told her everything to happened between us….. No, it can’t be,… I managed to answer.

Me: i -i -i was with the doctor.

Rita : baby am sorry.

Me: no problem. So what happened here?

Rita: she was breathing heavily, but before a blink of an eyes, she calmed down..
I was about to talk when we heard a very weak voice from the bed.. ”It was mumcy’s voice”

Mumcy: pls my children forgive me so much, it was entirely my fault. I was in persue of fun, but i didn’t know that i will end like this..


  • started to breath heavily again*
    I thought i have entered into the monopus stage when i asked him to pour in me.. To say the truth, i have a sugar boy…..and he is responsible for my pregnancy.
    ..she paused for a while and looked at me and said
    ”Chuks, am sorry for everything i made you to pass thru.”
    I nearly had an heart attack when she called my name….
    Mumcy: actually i came here for an abortion.

Rita: abort what…….. * i managed to hold rita who was already crying*
Mumcy: yes , i came for an abortion.

Rita: mummy, pls talk to us, who is this guy??

Mumcy: i won’t call his name out, because he didn’t caused it, i forced him to do so.. So i will also protect his marriage, since he is married.

Rita: crying marriage my foot, , his wife will neva be fruitful.. A cry of a child will neva be heard in their family, even though a child is bore into the family, he or she will be useless…….cursing…….Honey why can’t you say amen… * crying*

Me: Am—e—m.
Mumcy: noooooooo, it shouldn’t end this this * heavily breathing* SHE GAVE THE GHOST.

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