Episode 10

” Maybe she is among the three devils that wants to destroy me in the name of love… I will soon find out” i said to myself.
i was already asleep when i felt the hand of someone going down to my lizard. I immediately opened up my eye, only to see that it was rita.. I felt relaxed a bit.

Me: what re you doing here by this time of the nite?

Rita: i came to spend the night with my boyfriend…am all urs tonite.

Me: but i don’t have any condom with me.

Rita: re we not going to get married in few weeks time???

Me: yes and what about that?

Rita: so f–k me raw.
I get to work immediately .i f—-d her from that tempting a-s.

ME: inwardly oh s–t, what have i just done, i poured inside her, what if she gets pregnant…??

Rita: i know what is going on in ur mind now… But don’t worry about anything. Its just a matter of weeks, we will get married.

Me: ok, if you say so..

We didn’t talked to each other again till we slept off.
Weeks has gone, months came nd gone, finally, madam’s birthday is around the corner ” i need to buy her something so precious” inwardly….. I took off in my car, and drove straight to the supermarket. When i got here, not at all caught my attention. I was about going when i sight i very beautiful sets of jewelries. ” this will be 9ice on her” i said to myself..

I was about to enter into my car when i had the voice of a woman preaching. Her preaching was all about extra marital s-x and pre marital s-x and i know i was guilty on that. After listening for a few mins, i entered my car and drove off…. I was still driving when i receive a message from madam telling me to meet her at the hotel. So i had to U turn and drive straight to the hotel.. When i got there, she was already naked waiting for my arrival…….

Madam: re you just going to stand there starring at me?

Me: no ma.

Madam: then do ur work..

.I undressed and was about to wear my condom when said that she wants it raw.

Madam: i don’t wanna feel that rubber in me. I want it raw this time around.

Me: but what if u gets pregnant?

Madam: why will i get pregnant, when am already in monopus stage.

(phone call)

Voice: hello , mum, where re you

Madam: am with some clients.. Any problem.

Rita: its just that the women from the church re here.

MAdam: ok, keep them busy, i will be with them shortly.

Rita : ok ma.

Madam: hope all arrangement has been made?

Rita : yes

Madam: ok.
(dropped call)

Madam: hope u heard that some people re waiting for me?

Me: yes.

Madam: now, do as i instructed.
I gently insert my sugarcane in her, she m0aned.. I rode her for like 10 mins… I wanted to withdraw my d–k when she said that i should pour in her…. I did as instructed.
She went home, leaving a cheque of 700k for me.
Finally, her birthday has come, and the Venue was IKOYI CITY HOTELS (family hotel) all types of powerful cars which is been owned by the vips filled the car pack.. And all the family members was already at the hotel. Except for me…. I was still at home, ironing my wear. After the ironing, i rushed into the bathroom to take my bath. After that, i came of the bathroom naked only to see someone lying naked on my bed.

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