Episode 12

After the birthday, we went for thanksgiving in church.. The preacher emphasised specially on heaven and hell.. Its touched my soul, and i vowed to change from hence forth…. After the service, we all went home. Later that same day, rita called me inside her room.

Rita: baby, i think i heard something like sugar boy from the mouth of that woman who mom introduced us to.

Me: am not sure , i didn’t heard anything. And by the way, why re u suffering urself over this issue…..even if ur mom was into sugarboy runs, i think she has changed….don’t you see the way she do attend church activities?.

Rita: yes, have noticed that too.. Maybe she is now a new person..

Me: sure. She is…. So can i leave now?

Rita: no nah, sleep with me..

Me: ok , if u say so…

Finally, my weeding week was here.
Preparation has been going on, the invitation cards has been distributed… And David who just went to UK last 7 months can’t come back because his papers re not yet complete.
So almost everything was on my head..

Finally, the weeding day has come.
Standing in the front pulpit of the church with my wife facing me, and the pastor inbetween us…..
”Say after me,” the pastor said
I chukwuemeka kingsley Kent agree to take miss Rita uche as my wife , for better for worst till death do us apart’. in the name of the father, son and holy spirit” i said as i put the ring in Rita’s finger…………..

He said the same to rita, and she put the ring in my finger……

Pastor : is there anybody who is against them getting, he or she should indicate by standing up or rather remain silent forever.
My eye was fixed on everybody thinking that someone may stand up , but nobody did..

Pastor: now i join you as Husband and Wife in the name of the FATHER, SON, AND HOLY SPIRIT .. 1 1= 1…. You re now one… Congratulations
The whole church :AMEN………….—————————————
The reception was venued in one of the biggest hotels in Lagos.. Vips , was present, so many exotic cars were parked, musician were to perform . Infact, our weeding was the talk of the town…

Madam really spent so much money just to make sure that the weeding was one of the best weeding…………….. Music playing so loud, the newly wedded dancing, trust me nah, i sabi dance wella….

I just wished that the weeding won’t come to an end, but here i am with my newly wedded wife….

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