Episode 17

”Chai, what kind of wahala is this, am still feeling guilty of the death of my mother inlaw..”
I must f–k the hell out of yu.. I f—-d her to the extend that i forgot myself, and i poured inside of her….
David: chuks , have been calling you, but didn’t hear me..

Me: sorry, i was thinking about something…

Dav: ok.

The doctor finally finished the check, promising to bring the result by 2moro….
”who knows what will happen by 2moro” i said to myself.
finally, the sun came down, the moon came up, have been walking around the house since i couldn’t sleep, been hunted by my conscience.. ”should i run away?? Nop , running away won’t be a solution” i said to myself…… ” i must face this as a man”
two minds in me was battling

1st mind: what manna of man re you.

2nd mind:: the best solution is to runaway

1st mind: you will loss everything if you run away, you will loss ur wife, friend, and kids.

2nd mind: u won’t loss nothing, remember u still have millions in ur account.

1st mind: you may have money , but without the love of a family, it will be peaceless for you…
The noise made by a rat drew me out of my thoughts….

”, i know what to do” i said to myself and went to the guest room and slept off.
THE sun slowly rose, for the fear of what will happen was with it.

I was still in the room, when i heard the voice of the doctor.

” Everybody come and check ur result, its out” dav shouted.

I heard what he side, but i was just waiting for the right time to come out.

Rita: where is Chuks??
She asked no one in particular..
”Maybe he went out for a personal jogging..” Dav replied.

Doctor: the result appeared that no one from this family is positive. But someone will soon become a mother…..

All happy eye was on Rita who suddenly felt uncomfortable.

Rita: doctor, can i see the result?

Doctor: sure….

Rita’s face changed when she saw the result wasn’t hers, but was Ekaetta’s own…..
Rita: ekaetta, tell me who is responsible?

David: responsible for what?

Rita: for her pregnancy???..Tell me , who is responsible for ur pregnancy??

A voice: i am responsible for her pregnancy,

Nxt loading!!!!

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