Episode 19

”WAIT” someone shouted from outside. We have decided to withdraw the case.. Just grant him bail”.,… David said.Me: what is going on, why re you doing this.

Have been found guilty, why can’t you let me take my punishment crying

Rita: we understood that you did all those things. But on a second thought, we saw that it wasn’t ur fault. crying……..
Concerning the pregnancy with the maid, we also found out that the baby wasn’t urs..

Me: cleaned my tears How come, how is that possible??

David: since ur blood was still with the doctor, we asked him to run a medcal checkup on the unborn child.. But ur blood didn’t match with it… Rather, it matched with Jumbo’s blood….

Me: and….

David: he wouldn’t deny it because he wanted to see his child…. So both of them have Argeed to get married…

Me: wow, thanks so much.. U have saved me again… I won’t forget this.. I will now go my way from here.

Rita: No, we re still married.

Me: have realised that i don’t deserve you.

Rita: Its seems that you have given up hope on Love… We re meant to be together…. I love you.

We hug for a long time, i don’t know howlong, but i just missed her big boob……
Kc: bros wake up jhoor, you have been sleeping since morning.

Me: chinekem. Where i dey.. Rita, David..

Kc: who be rita, who be David??.

Me: its just a dream…. Abeg go boil hot water for me…..

(He left)
so have been dreaming all this while, chai, that ekaetta of a girl is actually a bad f—-r, not to talk of my dream world mother inlaw… Chai, thank God say i no go jail ooh…
:::::::::::::::::::::THE END:::::::::::::::::::

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