Episode 13

I thought the weeding won’t come to an end, but here i am in the bed room with my new wife,…The celebration didn’t end without the family members giving us their respective giftS…… Mumcy from her own account brought us a duplex, fully furnished, while David sent us the lastest ZDX 2017 modal…… How i wish it will continue like this without any intruder…. Finally, here comes the romantic time…. ”OUR HONEY MOOD DINNER”….. ” where re we gonna spend our honey mood” My wife asked??.

Me: its gonna be surprise………

Rita: ok, if you say so….
Time Checked

Rita: Mom, have you seen my husband?

Mum: noooo, i don’t know where he is.. Maybe you should give him a call.
(Phone ringed)

Rita: just the person i wanted to call now.. Honey where re you?

Me: surprise!!!!Am in the luxury city hotel..

Rita: why didn’t you tell me earlier??

Me: its a surprise….. ( phone dropped)..
I have already paid for the event hall, and also decorated it with a red and white ribbon, which made it more romantic….
”Mum, i know where he is. am going there now.” Rita said.

Mum: ok.. No problem…..
Rita left the house with her car. 20 mins later , she arrived. when she came into the hotel premises , i messaged her to come over to the hall…. She came in, but found everywhere as dark as night. Just as she was about to leave, i switched on the light. ”WOW! this is marvelous” She said and immediately hug me… ”Darling you re the best” she said……. We broke the hug when a call came into my phone.
Hello, hello, is this Mr chuks Kent, ur mother inlaw is in a critical condition in the hospital. And ur attention is needed urgently at the hospital. ( marvels hospital)

Me: but wait!!!!:

Rita: honey who was that??

Me: actually, i didn’t heard them, but i think i heard something like marvels hospital and also something like mother inlaw.

Rita: tears in her eyes i hope this isn’twhat am thinking?? Nooo, mum can’t be in the hospital..

Me: but i thought you left her at home??.

Rita: yes i did….

Me: then, how come…. I think we should go to the hospital and confirm…..

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