Episode 2

2 weeks later
”mum am ready to leave” i said to my mom who is in the other room.

MUM: * tears in her eyes* my son, as u go , the lord will see you through, u will ……… Bia bia bia bia bia.

For like 10mins, she is not yet through with her normal way of petting/blessing us.. I understand that she don’t want me to go, buh i have to go.
” guy, listen to me, you have to take care of mum, don’t let her do so much work, i will be sending you guys money as soon as i get a job. ” i said to my brother (kc).

Kc: i will . Trust me bro. ”
”mum , pls take care of urself.” i said to my mum.

Mum: am only worried because of u. Buh if its Godwill, so shall it be.
Finally, the taxi that will take me to the airport came. I hugged my mom, nd brother, before entering into the taxi. ”LAGOS, HERE I COME”.
Voooooooom, the taxi zoomed off.
After like up to 1 hr 30 mins, am already at the Lagos airport. ”oboy ooh, here fine sha, buh e no fine pass my ABA city. We no dey carry last” i said to myself as i was already laughing sheepishly at myself.

ME: hello guy, i don enter lag oh

David: wow, i will send our driver to come and pick you up.

Me: ok , abeg hurry.
Call ends:

David was my very good dude back then when we were still in both primary and secondary school. We were so fond of each other not until we got separated due to circumstances.
”ekaeta, hope the guest room is well arranged because my guest is on his way , he will soon be here.”

that was David talking to their maid.

Ekaeta : yes uga , me did the cleaning yesterday.

David : very well then, thats why i called you.

Ekaeta: ok uga.

”heys, can’t you see oh my God!! u have ruined my day. U just stepped on my scandals, and now, you have spoiled it. ”

oh my! Whosoever that has this angelic voice must be so so so beautiful. I had to pretend that i didn’t hear what she just said so that i can hear her voice once small again. This time around , it came more harsher than i thought

UNKNOWN LADY : hello , Mr fine guy, it seems you re dumb or deaf.

ME: oh sorry dear, i didn’t heard what you said, i was lost in memory.

UNKNOWN LADY: apology accepted.

Me: thanks.

UNKNOWN LADY: by the way, pls can you direct me to where i can get a cab going to ikoyi estate.

Me: emmmmm” actually, i just came into this city today, as you can see, these re my luggages. Maybe , i should go and ask around.

UNKNOWN LADY: i thought that i was the only novice in this city, wow , so i just found someone
else who is just like me. (abeg shift lemme faint)

ME: oh, so you re among those people that always post this ( abeg shift lemme faint) on facebook.

UNKNOWN LADY: abeg forget about Facebook jhoor. Actually, i wanted my arrival to be a surprise package for my family. Buh since its been long i last visited home, i can’t recall our house again.

ME: That means, your plans has failed?

UNKNOWN LADY : yap, it has. I have to call them now to send a driver to pick me up.

Me: much better,

UNKNOWN LADY: So what about you?

Me: someone is also coming to pick me up. I think you should call ur family now. It will soon get dark.

UNKNOWN LADY: yep, u re right.
(Call picked.)

DAVID: hello rita, how re you

RITA : surprise, am at the airport, send a driver to come pick me up.

DAVID: Re you serious!!! Wow!, i can’t wait to see you.

RITA: Save ur gist till u see me.
‘she dropped the call.
DAVID: hello, driver

DRIVER: Yes sir,

DAVID: Change of plans, my sister is at the airport now, you re to bring Rita back, not Chuks.

DRIVER : ok sir.
( call dropped)
DAVID: ” Hello Chuks,

ME: ya mehn

DAVID: we have a situation at hand now. My sister is coming back home unannounced. So i think it will be better for you to sleep in our hotel today, so that by tomorrow i will come and pick you up.

ME: ok bro i understand

DAVID: thanks dude.
( called dropped)
”wow, finally our driver is here, bye Mr fine guy, hope to see you again” the unknown lady said to me as she enters into the car.
Me: waittttt ( before i could finish my sentence , the car has already zoomed off. ” s–t, i forgot to get her name and number” chai Xterkid you don f……………..

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