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Even if I had agreed to go with Catherine tonight to Fun-knows-where, I knew my mom would never let me out of the house.

So I have already sorted out a way to escape this night and be with Catherine in less than ten minutes.

It’s already few minutes past nine and I’m in my room pretending to be asleep.

Hopefully, in no time, John and my mom would retire back to their room and I’ll be the only one awake.

If they find it long to retreat , I’ll have to sneak out while they are still up. It’s a risk am willing to take.

Besides, if I get caught, I expect only a scold from them and perhaps, a little word of advice.

I thought within as I picked out a dress for myself. I know Catherine would complain totally about the dress… But sadly enough, I don’t care.

It’s my dress and I’m proud of it.

I wasn’t comfortable at all with the dress Cathy made me put on. I felt like I was naked.

I bet it’s because it’s my first time of putting on such. Even though it suited me so well… I could tell from the look on people’s faces as they stared at me. That aside, I need to start preparing my way out. I thought as I peeped through my window over to Catherine’s apartment, and just as I expected, she was outside waiting patiently for me I guess.

I have to do this!

She doesn’t have to wait longer. I’m coming right away.

I thought within as I arranged my bed. Stucking it with so much cloth and made it look like I was the one lying on it.

Without getting close, you’d think it’s me sleeping soundly on it. Not knowing it’s otherwise.

I smiled in satisfaction as I slipped my bare feet into my slippers and walked over to the window.

I surveyed the environment before slowly climbing down from such height… My room is located upstairs. So I have to be more careful in climbing down…

I did it with Extra care not to attract any attention.

I just hope we’ll be back shortly before anyone notices my absence.

I muttered silently as I quickly walked over to Catherine’s apartment.






She’s coming!

I smiled inwardly…

I was beginning to think she wouldn’t show up. Jeez!!! She got me so worried.

I thought within, pulling her into a safe corner.. surveying her dress.

You just can’t expect much from a Nun. … I exhaled sharply.

“You won’t be needing this anyway” I mumbled out, referring to her dress.

“what place are we going Catherine?” She nervously asked.

Let me guess, it’s her first time going out at such hour…

No need to worry.. it’s just tonight. No call for panic.

“You’ll see” I retorted, handing a small bag to her.

“What’s this?” She arched , slightly opening it.

“Wear that when we get there… You’ll need it”

I nudged, checking out the time.

It’s almost nine thirty and I don’t have to be too late .

My plan is this, I’ll hide Miriam in a safe room till her time of use.

Cause I know she won’t for a bit feel comfortable with so much activities like that going on there.

Besides, I don’t want to raise any suspicion from Elisa or the girls…

So Miriam will have to lie low till I’m ready for her.

“Okay” she nodded to my response.

“So what are we waiting for now?” She asked again.

“Nothing. Let’s go” I retorted, pulling out my car keys from my purse.






Club House

I and Samantha

Successfully sneaked our way out of the convebt today and I bet Stephanie knows about this. But it’s best she keeps her mouth tight shut.

power of Gun

I smirked within as I stripped on stage with other girls… To everybody’s watch.

They cheered as they sprayed more money on us. Which only boosted my energy.

Some shuffled money into my bo0bs while others smacked my @ss which I found rather pleasing.

I twirled happily to the beat of the song as the cheers from onlookers boosted me..

Lord Skylar isn’t here yet and I wonder why.

Even the so-called Catherine isn’t here too.

I wonder what’s keeping her this late. She has never stayed long like this before.

How sure are we that she’s gonna come?

She’s in charge of Skylar’s treat and she has to……

Speaking of the devil, I rolled out.

She’s here. I cut off my thought as I watched her walk in , holding a girl to herself who seem rather lost as she stared her face backwards.

Who’s she and why does she look familiar?

I hadn’t concluded my thoughts when she raised her head and I clearly saw her face.


Is that???

Isn’t that who I think it is?

Miriam??? What the fvck is she doing here With Catherine?

I thought within as I quickly turned my face away.

She doesn’t have to see me.

I don’t want her to complicate things for me…

Just the moment I thought she has gone to see Mom for good… Now she’s here in the same club with me.

I stylishly excused myself out from where I was dancing… And briskly walked back into the dressing room





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