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Next Morning


I smoked in my pipe as my thought drifted to Elisa’s Club.

I’ll be going there tonight and she has guaranteed me a very nice treat.

We’ll see about that tonight.

But the prior thing on my mind right now is The Pope’s visit.

He’ll be coming to town few days from now and my plan is already in process.

I need to a good source on this plan and I’m really confused.

I don’t want this to be the first operation I’ll do and not come out successful.

I am known for successful operations and I don’t wanna mess things up and get caught in the police web.

I love to strategize my plans smoothly and this wouldn’t be an exception.

The plan here is to abduct him on his way to the cathedral and then take him far away from every eyes before we call the bills.

Imagine the huge amount I’d make out of this. ..

I never fail to plan in order to avoid complications.

I’m a smooth criminal and my operations are carried out smoothly without FBI’s complications and suspicions.

I have a feeling this will work out.

Just watch and see, then you’d know why I’m called LORD SKYLAR






Yesterday was totally fun. I had smiles plastered all over my face when we returned.

Imagine the quantity of cookies and ice-creams I stucked into my stomach during the tour…

Catherine is a really nice person.

She showed me Alot of beautiful places.

She said I needed to know my environment Incase of emergencies so I wouldn’t get stranded or lost.

She bought me lot of cookies, stone-cold, chocolates and mostly my favorite candy ice-creams.

I wished yesterday shouldn’t end but sadly enough, my wish wasn’t granted.

We returned home a bit late in the evening at my mom queried me a little for coming back home late.

Baby Paula was already asleep in her room upstairs because of her health.

John seconded his wife and gave me a little lecture about the town and how dangerous the neighborhood can be.

I nodded to every of their word before walking back to my room.

Gosh I was so exhausted…!

But still, I was happy we had such great time together.

Just before I and Catherine parted ways, she had told me she has a place in mind which was stucked with a whole lot of fun and exciting things.. and if I was ready for it…

Though I really didn’t understand what she was saying at that moment. Cause I was too tired to even listen to any of it.

Guess I’ll have to ask her later today. Who knows?

Maybe she has another place in mind which hold so much fun than that of yesterday.






I’ve decided! I’m taking Miriam Along.

I would have to trick her into coming along with me and everything will go as planned.

She’s naive she won’t suspect a thing.

She’s too innocent and I’ll have to take advantage of that. I’m gonna make use of her innocence.

Whoever Elisa has planned to be my partner for Tonight is none of my business cause I’m so knocking that b~tch out and use Miriam as a replacement.

Don’t blame me, I’ve strategized my plans already and this seems to be the only thing I can think of at the moment.

There isn’t a plan B.

I don’t have time to think of one.

My plans will go smoothly as planned and I’ll make away with whatever my hands get a hold on.







“Samantha Ready your things on time today… Cause it’s a special day according to Elisa..”

I continously reminded Samantha who nodded vigorously at my every word.

Elisa wants us to put on our best and please Lord Skylar tonight.

I’ve clearly stated to her that I ain’t in for sh!tless treat and she understands perfectly.

Let’s see how Tonight goes…

Let’s see what it has in stock for us..







Later at Noon

“Miriam….” I drawled out her name the Moment I saw her step out of her apartment.

“Yes?…” She replied walking towards me.

I was visibly standing at the frontage of my house and as usual putting on my casual. A jean short, plane top with my nipples poking out it’s Head.

“Remember what I said yesterday… You still in for it?”

“I remember…. But i don’t really understand what you mean Catherine”

“Do you trust me?” I asked

And she cocked her head in a funny way. Staring closely at me. ..

“For Fun’s sake, I do” she retorted and I chuckled out lightly.

“Good. For Fun’s sake, trust me on this…

Meet me at this spot tonight by 9:00”

“Nine? What? No one would let me out of the house by that hour” she replied almost immediately

“Yeah, I know… That’s why you’d have to sneak.”

“Sneak??!” She freaked out.

“Do this for Fun’s sake Miriam… You won’t regret it. You know you have limited days and this might be a chance for you to have the fun you want at the fullest….

.trust me on this Miriam,….. For Fun’s sake”

I persuaded…

She shouldn’t ruin already-made plans for tonight… I have strategized everything…

“Alright. For Fun’s sake” she breath out atlas….

Causing a calmness in me

This is beautiful





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