Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 28


Moments Later

I’ve been walking down this long passage and no single soul have spotted. There’s nobody on sight here. I guess they are in the main club.

I strode further to the end of the passage and I think it’s best I go back. Catherine might be looking for me now.

But the problem here is…. I don’t know which particular room is the dress-room I was in before I came out.

I bit hard on my finger contemplating for a while. The doors are so alike and confusing. I think I’ve lost my way . There are lot of doors here and I don’t know which is the main dress-room.

What do I do?

Catherine mustn’t know I left the room.

And whenever I see here, I’m gonna say this straight to her face

i wanna go home

I’ve always wanted a tour, but not this kind of tour. This place is so out of my belief and strictly against my doctrine.

I have to find my way back as soon as possible. And to know if my guesses are correct about the right door, I’ll have to open slightly all doors and check.

With that said, I began with my first door..

I did same for three more doors and they were empty. I shut them quietly and made sure I eavesdropped on it first before opening.. to make sure it’s empty and avoid getting busted.

It went on like that for five more doors. I was about opening the sixth door when I began hearing faint voices coming directly from the room.

I placed my ears on it to listen carefully. It’s obvious this isn’t the room I’m supposed to be. It’s normal and expected to just walk past and continue with other doors. But I just couldn’t.

I just couldn’t let myself walk past this door. The voice I’m hearing right now sounds so so familiar. Too familiar to just ignore.






I was summoned few minutes ago into Elisa’s Chambers and I just can’t believe what my ears just heard from Lord Skylar’s very own lips.

“What you’re planning is way too big and I do not want to be a part of it.

Kidnapping a priest is worse than abomination. You don’t expect a useful information from me”

I bluntly replied.

These two must be out of their minds. They can’t be serious right now.

“No one is forcing you to commit a crme here patley. All we want from you is to be an insider and provide us with tangible information. You are a nun and it’ll be easy. Just give us the noted info and leave the rest for Skylar….”

“Elisa.. I think you better find someone else for this. I do not think you’ll get any useful information from me. I can’t help you on this…”

I can’t give them any information. Well at least not for Free. I must get something in return if I’m to do this. It’s very risky and I do not intend to give out cheaply such an information.

“How much do you want?” Skylar spoke out with a deep-voice.

I think we have a mind reader here.

“How much can you pay?” I asked.

He cocked his head slightly to my question as he exchanged glances with Elisa.. who only let out a soft chuckle…

“How much do you want Nun?” He asked, returning his gaze at me.

How much do I want? Fvck is he for real?. I need a lot of money you know. There are lot of things on my to-do-list. So if I say the kind of amount I need. He might dismiss the offer and no longer….

“I’ll give you $5,000 ”

Five thousand dollars??? Fvck!!!!

“Deal” I spoke out without hesitation. That’s a huge amount for an info.

“Good. So if you want the money. I’ll need a feed-back on the pope. .. I want this to go smoothly..”

“That’s no problem”







After locking Carla up in the washroom. I Rushed back to the dress-room, hoping to see Miriam there. But I got the shock of my life. Miriam isn’t here.

I thought I warned her not to come out.

This girl is something else. Gosh!!!!

I rushed out of the room trying to figure out where she must have gone to.

I went into the main clubbing house. The place is a bit crowdy with a lot of noise so it’s gonna be hard looking for her.

What if she isn’t here? What if she went out?

She isn’t familiar with the environment at all. I brought her here and it’s far away from home. The thought of Miriam going back home is totally an exemption.

After checking here, I’ll go over to the passages and check.. probably to other rooms too.

One way or another, i must find her.






I stood closely at the door. Listening to every tiny details my ears could grab. And if I’m hearing correctly, I know what the heated discussion is all about.

It’s about the pope. They are planning to abduct the pope.

Isn’t that stupid? Who on else does that?

Whoever they are in this room must be out of their senses. They must be nuts. They can’t succeed. I think I’ve heard enough.

I stepped away from the door and turned to leave when the door suddenly opened. Making way for a lady to come out.

I stood still as I stared at her in shock.


She’s just as shocked as I am.

So she’s the nun liasing with them on the Pope’s abduction. What’s she even doing here! Dressed in such manner?

She’s naked; this is the same outfit Catherine had earlier given me to put on .. but I refused cause it was too exposed.

Patley is bad News. She’s tryna betray the sister’s Creed by selling of the pope in such …


I heard someone call my name from behind.

Nobody needed to tell me who that voice belonged to…

“Catherine ” I sighed out as I turned to answer her.

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