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“Hurry up John! She’s coming today” I shouted from the kitchen where I was literally making a special dish for her arrival.

“On it!” He shouted back in response from one of the rooms.

She’s coming today

My Baby is coming today. Words Alone can’t express the joy I feel already.

“Sarah….” John drawled my name.

I turned to look at him, standing at the kitchen entrance.

“Are you done with her room?” I asked with all smiles. Covering the dish which I was preparing.

“Yes..” He started tiredly walking towards me.

He wrapped his hands around my waist From behind and kissed my right cheek.

“….how sure are you that she’ll come? Don’t you think she’s mad at you for what you did?” He asked with great concern.

I wriggled myself from his grip and turned facing him.

“Rev’d sister Magdalene gave me her word. She’ll come John. I know she will. Besides she’s still my daughter. When she comes I’ll straighten things up by explaining clearly to her. She’ll definitely understand. I hope she does….” I trailed off… Trying to keep a positive spirit.

“I hope so too my love” He seconded.

“I know if not for you and your efforts, I would still be in jail. I don’t know how much I can make it up to you” I shrinked back into his arms, blinking my tears that threatened to fall.

“Getting married to me and giving me a beautiful daughter is a thousand times worth what I did for you.

I love and will always love you Sarah” John kissed my teary cheeks and trailed down to my lips.

“I love you” I said into his mouth and kissed him more.


We quickly tore our lips apart when we heard Paula’s questioning voice from the door.

I looked down at her and saw the puzzlement on her face.

“What Baby?” I asked picking her up.

“I am hungry” she pouted.

“What does Baby want for Breakfast?” I asked

“A pie” she smiled broadly.

“Okay Baby. Go play with Daddy first while I make your pie” I said before handing her over to John who in turn carried her out of the kitchen as they laughed together.

Miriam will make me a complete mom. I want her to be part of this happiness


“So I perceive you are packing to go pay her a visit right?” Steph asked as she joined me pack few of my things.

“Yeah” I sighed out nervously.

I’m not gonna lie, I am so so nervous about this trip.

“How do you feel about it? …this journey? …. I mean you’re going to see your mom… Are you excited about it? ” She asked

I pondered on that question.

I really don’t know the answer to it. I can’t describe what I’m feeling right now.

I am just nervous.

“I really don’t know Steph” I finally replied.

“Okay. So how long are you gonna stay there?”

“A week”

“Wow. That’s nice. I’m so gonna miss you” she pouted.

“Same here” I couldn’t help chuckle out.

*She looks like a chicken whenever she pouts. She doesn’t even know that . Bet I won’t tell her.

I finally readied my few clothes and headed out of the room.

“So what do you do when you get to Mama’s place?” She asked following me from behind.

“I’ll stick around”

“And……?” She twitched, giving me a cunny look.

“Get out” I hit her shoulder and she ‘ouched’

“What?? No kidding Mimi. You’ve always wanted a tour. You once made known your inquisiveness about the outside world to me.

Don’t you think this is your opportunity? A week outside the convent” she highlighted.

As if I didn’t have plans already

“If you were thinking I’d go spend a week at Mama’s with folded arms. You sure are lying. I’ll spend it well and make great memories.

.that’s the main reason I agreed to go.

Who would go see Mama with a Happy face after what she did to me???

I’ve got my reasons Steph” I smirked.

“About your Mom, ….. Don’t you think she has a good explanation or perhaps reason for what she did?” Steph asked causing me to throw her a questioning look.

“Twelve years Steph. Twelve numb years isn’t a joke. She has no excuse” I shot back.

“But still Miriam, I’d advice you to give her your ears if there’s any explanation”

“I can’t promise that” I shrugged.

And let the conversation die down.

I don’t want any pep-talks about my mom. It’s annoying.

“I’m really gonna miss you. Imagine a week without you in this convent, it’s so gonna be boring.

Living without pranks for an entire week” she mused out.

“No worries Steph. I’ll be back before you know it. It’s good though, a week rest for my Fellow Nuns” I smirked.

“Yeah good thing too” she rolled her eyes.and then continued…

“I heard Pope’s coming for a short visit next two weeks”

“Thought that was rumor” I arched

“No rumor my friend. It’s plain true. So round up your visit on …

“Hurry up Miriam! The driver is waiting for you!” Sister Mag shouted from the gate.


I quickened my steps towards the gate.

I passed patley as she stared in puzzlement at me.

I sticked my tongue out at her and watch her snort in Anger and briskly walk back into the convent.

I gave myself a satisfactory smile before bading The sisters Goodbye…


A trip to Mama.

I hope it’s worth the Adventure

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